Year: 2014

Quick Christmas Fun

The holidays continue to draw near and I’m taking just a moment to share some quick Christmas themed activities that I’ve been using. Santa’s Hat: 

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Stepping Out

Ten thousand hours.  That oft-cited statistic, brought to public consciousness by Malcom Glidewell , suggests that 10,000 hours of practice (purposeful, not mindless, practice) will give

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Super Cyber Sale

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind!  First ASHA, then Thanksgiving…I even had a couple speech “emergencies” come up in between!  Now

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Major Decisions

We’ll be starting the college visits this year, which has brought up an even bigger discussion—the college major. It’s an odd thing, because sixteen is

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Eloise and Me

  I’m such a homebody and I love to nest.  So it seems a bit odd that I also adore travel—anywhere and of any kind. I’m

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