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pH Balanced SLP

Today’s post is a collaboration between myself and Deb Kerner.   The pH scale runs from 1 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline) with 7 as “neutral”

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Love and Affection

Valentine displays are in the hallways and little ones are getting classroom cards signed and mailboxes/bags decorated.  In light of that atmosphere, I wanted to

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I’m a Cheater

I need to let you know that I love board and card games.  And I’m competitive.  Like really competitive.  As long as you are an

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Just Leave Him to Die

Have you ever considered volunteering on a mission project that utilizes your unique skill set?  Kris did!  Listen to her insights into this special experience during

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SLPs are a talkative bunch.  We spend a lot of our time talking about talking!  But there are many moments throughout the year, in which

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A Quick RehASH-A

ASHA timed it just right this year.  Denver had snow just before our arrival and struggled with more wintery weather just after our departure.  I’m

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Paris Memories

For several summers when I was growing up, we had a French exchange student stay with us.  She was beautiful, fashionable and unbelievably sophisticated for

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