Christmas Crackers

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It’s a tradition in our house to have crackers at the table on Christmas Eve.  If you’ve never done these before, they are Tootsie Roll shaped.  You grab either end firmly, and with a twisting, pulling motion you pull it apart.  It makes a loud “snap” and a treat will fall out.  There’s traditionally a paper crown and a joke in there too.

A couple of years ago, I started giving crackers as my holiday gift to students.  What I liked about it was the little toy was concealed so there was no “I want that one/color/his” discussion and I didn’t have to wait endlessly for each child to choose.  (I made them wait until they got home to do the cracking.)  Several parents and teachers loved the idea of it.

I can usually pick up inexpensive boxes of crackers at HomeGoods, but as a private clinician, I don’t have a huge caseload to worry about.  So, for those of you who might be juggling too many kiddos to make pre-made possible, or have kiddos with sensory issues that would dive under the table at the loud “snap,” or are just crafty, here’s a quick way to make your own.

Take a toilet paper tube (or cut a paper towel tube into three equal parts) and cover it with a couple sheets of tissue.  You will want the tissue to be approximate 3″ longer than the tube on each side.  Tape the tissue down, roll the tube to cover and tape it again.

Homemade cracker copy

Now, take a piece of ribbon or string and tie one end shut.  Fill the tube with your gift(s) and tie the other end shut as well.  There you go!

I would include a joke and maybe a sticker or two inside the tube.  You can also buy very inexpensive party favors from Target, Party City, etc. that will slide right in.  You could even add a spoonful of confetti if you wanted more of a New Year’s theme though you may want to warn parents first.

Who else has a family where Christmas Crackers are part of the table on Christmas Eve or day?  I’m excited about the ones I picked up this year.  We’ll each get our own mustache!

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  1. Hilary

    Love this! I grew up in England, where Christmas crackers originated. We continue to use them as a family, but what a great idea to use them as a therapy treat.

    1. admin

      Hilary, Merry Christmas! Kim

  2. Laura

    I LOVE Christmas crackers for students. My family always did them at Christmas dinner. I’ve been picking mine up at Pier 1 and TJM’s holiday clearance sales in January, for the next year. It’s much less expensive….all those little favors and such can add up really fast when you’re doing it for eve 40 or 50 older students!

    1. admin

      What a great idea! I’ll take a look this year!

  3. Box Hill

    What a brilliant idea and fun activity to do with the kids in making them

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