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Valentine displays are in the hallways and little ones are getting classroom cards signed and mailboxes/bags decorated.  In light of that atmosphere, I wanted to share a sweet moment from my days that makes me feel metaphorical heart bubbles swirling around me each Tuesday and Thursday.

I usually have a couple affectionate kiddos each year–ones that hug me in the hall (even if we just saw each other) or that like to hold hands on the way to my room.  Most often it’s a Kinder boy (not sure why, but that’s my experience).  This year’s huggiest is just that, a darling Kinder boy that I see twice a week.

Because Kindergarten is right next to the door leading outside and we can walk straight down the sidewalk to my cottage from there, it’s not so surprising that a few kiddos will always grab for my hand.  After all, this sidewalk is where the afternoon carpool line is and while it’s completely empty during the time we travel, it’s easy for a little one to perceive it as a “road.”  If the weather is nice, I always opt for the outside walk.

Once the temperatures started to drop, I began walking those students on a slightly longer path that allows us to stay inside as long as possible.  This little guy still holds my hand.  Cute.

Now that the weather has been freezing cold and there have been frequent bitterly raw, rainy days too, I bring bags of speech materials inside the school proper to see my youngest (preschool aged) students and find a small room/empty space to see them there.  Then I head directly to Kindergarten to pick up my hugger.  With my hands full they aren’t available for holding.  But this little guy is unfazed.  He puts the back of his hand against the back mine and, with that connection secured, we stroll.

Anyone else have a really affectionate little one?  Share your story!



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  1. Gabby

    I have a 6th grade students and a few other middle school kids who always hug me when they come for a session or when they see me in the hallway. I love it!!!

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