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SLPs are a talkative bunch.  We spend a lot of our time talking about talking!  But there are many moments throughout the year, in which I’m rendered speechless.

  • An entire herd of deer, including two babies, on a very brisk morning walk
  • My daughter performing on a huge horse in an overly crowded arena
  • My teenage son who yells “Love ya, Ma!” everyday when he leaves the car despite witnesses
  • Fall foliage in the Blue Ridge mountains
  • A virtuoso dance number especially if it’s live
  • Almost any Christmas tree

We all have those students that linger on.  And on.  Longer than we expected and longer than they really should for all sorts of reasons.  I’ve had a few students that I’ve discharged with crossed fingers only to have them come back to me at a later time.  Sometimes for a new reason, sometimes because they slid backwards just a bit.

This happened to me early this year and I had mixed emotions.  Of course I was disappointed that the student needed additional support, but it was a very favorite student of mine so I’d certainly relish the “extra” time.  My worry was that now with “big kid” status and more awareness of peers’ opinions that speech wasn’t going to be a welcome addition to the day.  A report of some new behavior problems added to the concern.  Teachers didn’t hold out a lot of hope for cooperation.

But I received an enthusiastic “Yay! Speech!” and a hug in the hallway.  I’m still a little speechless from that one.

We are so blessed to have a profession filled with speechless moments and I’d love to hear some of yours.  Whether you have a full story or a sentence, a speech related item or a life experience, please find a way to share.

Grab the blank template, customize and post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #SpeechlessSLPs tag.  If you are inspired to tell us more, please write a post and link below.

Speechless SLPs

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  1. Mary

    My middle son would yell “I love you, Ma!” across the soccer field after a game. (Yes, he calls me “ma”!)
    Love this link up!

    1. admin

      How funny! It’s actually the only time I am “Ma!”

  2. Linda

    Thank you, Kim! I needed a moment to reflect on why I started this work so many years ago and it did me good to think back on how many moments I’ve had when I felt I made a positive impact. A super idea, as usual!

    1. admin

      Thanks Linda! And thanks for linking up!

  3. Karen Dudek-Brannan

    Hi Kim,

    Great idea! This is my first link up as a new blogger! I hope I can figure out how to do it right 🙂 My link should be up in the next two days.

    Here are some speechless moments

    “When students take initiative for their own success.”

    Or when my stepdaughter, who is working on R, sits at the kitchen table and starts working on writing sentences and saying her R sounds without any prompting from me or my husband.

    1. admin

      Can’t wait to see it! Love the quick moments you’ve shared here already 🙂

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