Month: October 2013

I Heart Emoticons!

Happy Halloween!  I have a treat for you 🙂 that involves some keyboard tricks 😉 Think about how many times you’ve added a  😉  to

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To Market, To Market

One of the toughest decisions when you go into practice for yourself is figuring out where/how to market your services.  Because what’s the point of

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The Candy Critic

Need an excuse to bring candy into the classroom?  Need a way to get through a bag of Halloween candy–even the icky stuff?  Why not

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I Want Candy!

Trick or treat!  Kids love Halloween and Valentine’s Day partly because its license to get and eat candy.  (I have another theory that it’s because

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Ooo, Eee, Ooo, Ah-ah

Regardless of the diagnosis–apraxia, dysarthria, autism– there are some children that need to start at the vowel level. To either develop a variety of vowels

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