I Want Candy!

Trick or treat!  Kids love Halloween and Valentine’s Day partly because its license to get and eat candy.  (I have another theory that it’s because parents aren’t nearly as stressed as they are during other holidays, but that’s neither here nor there).

I Want Candy!” is my newest artic card game, similar to “Polar Bear Plunge for articulation” and “Irish I May.”  I have it in my therapy bag, ready to go!

Simply print, laminate (optional) and cut a deck of 21 candy cards for each player. The candy decks contains three of each: lollipop, Tootsie roll, Jolly Ranchers, chocolate bar, m&m, and candy kiss; plus three of a seasonal candy, either candy corn or conversation hearts each with a positon specific target word.

You will also need one set of seasonal direction cards (50-60 cards).  Pictured below are cards from the Halloween deck.

Players start with four candy cards in their hands.  The remaining candy cards are placed face down as a “draw pile” in front of each player.

Direction cards are placed face down in the center of play.

On your turn draw a direction card and follow the instructions. “Draw” means you will take another candy card from your target pile into your hand (say the word please!). “Discard” means you place a candy card back in your draw pile (say the word please!).

“Time to count your candy!”, “Lay on the couch with a stomach ache!” or “Gaze dreamily out the window.” and “Spend an afternoon making Valentines.” cards ask you to say all the words in your hand. Cards are neither drawn nor discarded.

“The full moon is casting spooky shadows. Did you hear a noise?” or “Time for poetry and love songs.” cards ask you to draw a card and make a sentence.  (Cards pictured above are direction cards for the Valentine’s Day deck.  Below are the draw/discard cards for the Valentine’s Day deck.)

The first to collect exactly ten candies (or 2 of each candy for a longer game) is the winner!

The game has targets for initial, medial and final positions of:  R (includes all vocalic Rs), S, Z, th/TH, L, SH, CH, J.  A blank set of candy cards for customization is also included.

Click here for more information.

Let us know which you prefer, Halloween or Valentine’s Day?  I’m Halloween—better season/weather, costumes and, dare I admit?  I kind of prefer the cheap candy!




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  1. Kristin Mosman

    Cute! And now I have that I want candy song stuck in my head, ha ha.

    1. admin

      It’s been stuck in my head for a week! Kim

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