Apps for the Phone (iPhones and Android)

rotary phone

One of the most sickening feelings I have is when I look in my travel bag and realize something is missing.  At my “home” school location it isn’t a big deal, but in some other schools I have access to nothing. While we can, and should, be able to come up with something out of anything (see The Dabbling Speechie Linky Party for proof), the reality is the days I forget something aren’t the days I’m feeling tip-top or particularly [Continue Reading]

March Madness: App Reviews for the busy SLP


You’ve heard me mention YappGuru before—I joined their panel of “expert” reviewers over a year ago and pitched in at their ASHA booth this past November. But what kind of criteria are we using?  Why does it matter and what’s in it for you? This is why. As iPads have become increasingly common in educational fields, app developers have flooded iTunes with “learning” apps.  Some are good, plenty are great but there are also lots of mediocre to poorly executed ones.  [Continue Reading]

Speech Journal Review and Giveaway!

YG March Madness contest

Congratulations to Mary and Debra who each won a copy of this app! Basketball is a HUGE deal in North Carolina so I was excited when Yapp Guru decided to host a March Madness themed contest.  Be prepared for a lot of fun!  I’m taking this seriously, so be sure to check out my profile on YappGuru because I’ll be posting a new app review each day in March.  Here on the blog, you can get in on the action too! [Continue Reading]

App Review and Giveaway: Articulate It!

AI cover copy

Just last week I saw Smarty Ears announce an update to Articulate It! that allows you to select themes.  What fun!  I downloaded the change immediately. Articulate It! is an articulation flashcard app with two “play” options—flashcard drill or matching—which makes it seem a bit generic.  Simply select or add a player(s) to start and hit “play.”  Now choose “FlashCards” or “Matching.”  Now it starts to differentiate itself from the other artic deck apps. Choose from four options:  phonemes, phonological [Continue Reading]

Review: Social Skill Builder’s Interactive Social App

SSB Select module

I recently had the chance to try the Social Skill Builder’s Interactive Social App by Social Skill Builder.  Wow!  It’s ambitious! The app is designed to help kiddos, primarily those on the spectrum, navigate social situations that they would encounter in everyday life. The videos are made with “real” people meaning the kids look like kids in terms of dress and age, the adults look like adults you might bump into while running errands and the settings are mostly true [Continue Reading]

App Review: Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test

Sunny app pic

Here Comes the Sun! A couple years ago, I had the chance to see Barbra Fernandes M.S., CCC-SLP, from SmartyEars present a number of apps including “Sunny.”  I was intrigued, but I at the time I was focused more on apps for treatment and wasn’t really looking into those for assessment. But I jumped when I was given the chance to try it this year.  While it won’t/can’t take the place of the Goldman-Fristoe that I typically use, both because [Continue Reading]

App Review: Artic Academy

Artic academy icon

Sometimes I fell like I really am running an Artic Academy, so I was very excited to see the title of this new app by Pocket SLP (available for $9.99 in the app store). I was also happy to see, as the name implies, that it is appropriate for a slightly older crowd, since I have a number of elementary kiddos that don’t appreciate “baby” looking apps and are very vocal about it! Target phonemes:  s, z, s blends, l, [Continue Reading]

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast


June 28, 2013:  Congratulations to Cassandra S. who won a free copy of SlowTunes! SlowTunes is a new, iPhone app ($1.99) developed by the dad of a girl with apraxia.  She loved the “Time to Sing” CD which features popular kids’ tunes like the Hokey Pokey and Wheels on the Bus at a slower tempo that she could keep up with.  But time goes on, kids’ tastes change and sometimes a mom or dad needs  to hear a new song.  [Continue Reading]