Apps for the Phone (an update)

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Last May, I wrote a post with suggestions for some “emergency” apps you can have on your phone in the event you find yourself in therapy with very limited access to materials (dead/missing iPad, wrong bag in the trunk of the car, etc.).  You can read the initial post here.

Kristen Torres, one of my recent guest bloggers, took the time to update this for me despite receiving a lovely 128 GB iPad for Christmas (after some serious hinting).  Check out her recommendations below and add your own in comments.  (And, if you missed it, be sure to check out her post on providing SLP services as mission work in Bolivia!  Click here.)

  • Percentally -a way to keep ALL of our data, individuals, groups, in real time while you are playing a game, doing an exercise, etc. This is written by an SLP so it has a lot of subtle features that we SLP’s look for.  The only drawback with this and any such app is that you can’t use the app while using another app with the kids. But since it also works on the iphone if you want to use another ipad app you can keep track on the phone, BUT it does not sync with the ipad version, (as far as I know) so that is a limitation. This one app was really worth the ten dollars for me. I found it much easier than the SUPER DUPER one.
  • I also often use SLP tools-all the little things you need in one app: age calculator, tally counter, game buzzer, percent right, stopwatch, game buzzer and s/z ratio.
  • My students ask every day to use tap roulette-a quick way to decide who gets to go first in a game. I used this once in the airport to help a beleaguered mother of two traveling alone. She had a baby and a toddler and the toddler was inconsolable, it was midnight in a snowstorm. This app came to the rescue to distract and delight the toddler while mom could collect all their luggage.
  • I like Giant Timer-when those kids are anxious to go (when they are testing for example); set up the time and say when it gets to zero, you can go! Magic.
  • Mad libs are great expressive language fun.
  • Finally I use Fry word games pro-(Bits board)  for all the Fry words you could ever want used in various ways (flashcards, photo touch, matching, tracing game, missing letter, memory, unscramble, bingo, word search, explore, true or false, spelling bee).

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  1. Anne Page

    Can’t wait to check these out, especially tap-roulette! I also really like Doodle Buddy for the animated stamping feature.

  2. Janice

    I love Percentally!! I have used it for years on my ipad and ipod before it:)I recently switched to an iphone so I could use it while using the ipad for other activities in therapy.

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