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Speech Diploma

  The return to school in January always feels like we’ve crossed the halfway point–at least to me–even though, technically, we aren’t quite there yet. 

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Time Capsule 2K12

I approach September and the beginning of the school year with enthusiasm.  I particularly like the laying in of supplies—newly sharpened pencils with perfectly square

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Here’s another quick pencil and paper game that will get you a high number of trials during articulation therapy while keeping the enthusiasm of your

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Spinner Speech

Giving a child a task to do during speech or language therapy empowers them.  They need to work, but by giving them some control over

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Flashlight Tag

Have you finalized your plans for National Flashlight Day?  Did you know there was a National Flashlight Day?  Well, there is and it’s Monday, November

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Maze activities, like dot to dots, can offer quick articulation practice that kids love and is appropriate for therapy or home activity.  I print very

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This is a Corny Idea

Another weekend found me at a fall festival.  The weather was perfect—that wonderful combination of warm sun with cool hovering just beneath.  The smell of

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Scary Boxes

No matter what approach you take with /r/, you’ve undoubtedly found that sticking with a particular phonetic context instead of simply choosing a position (initial,

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Guess Who

My Guess Who game has seen so much activity over the years the box top hardly qualifies as a cover anymore.  I think it has

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