Maze activities, like dot to dots, can offer quick articulation practice that kids love and is appropriate for therapy or home activity.  I print very basic mazes from  or www.FamilyFun.comCarson-Dellosa also has good beginning maze choices.

I generally use mazes for fricatives (ex. th, f, v), sibilants (ex. s, z, sh), or liquids (ex. r, l) especially if we are working on the initial or final position placement.  Find a maze theme that corresponds to your target.  For example, football to work on initial /f/.  I write the target word at the top of the page and model it at least once.  Then I have the child say the word and hold the target as they trace the maze to provide some proprioceptive input for the sound.  The tracing might happen with a pencil, but it might also happen a few times first with a finger.  We repeat this, including the tracing, 3-5 times.  Once we are done with the maze, we repeat the target word with an appropriate rate several times.

Give it a try–you’ll be amazed with your success!



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