Flashlight Tag

Have you finalized your plans for National Flashlight Day?  Did you know there was a National Flashlight Day?  Well, there is and it’s Monday, November 21.  Seems like the perfect time to revisit a tried and true therapy technique—flashlight tag.


Artic cards (10-12 if possible)

Tape or, even better, that sticky putty for temporary wall sticking

Flashlight (you do have one in your bag now, right?)

Prior to your kiddos arriving, stick artic cards in a random pattern around the room—on walls (low and height), ceiling if you can, backs of chairs, etc.  Now, turn off the light.   When the child comes in, have them use the flashlight beam to seek and “tag” cards.  Need to increase the number of trials?  Have them repeat the target possibilities before going in (ie. “fig, fiddle, fog, fan, fall”).  Then, while you are in the room, have them “call” to a card (much as you would an ill trained terrier…).  “Fog!  Where are you?  Fog!”

For really brave souls you can forgo sticking cards around the room and, instead, stick all the cards on the underside of your treatment table.  This allows you to add movement to a session by suddenly announcing “time for something different!”  Have them turn on the flashlight, then trun off the lights and lay beneath the table, repeating each word as they tag it.

Stationary lying under the table will work best if:

  1.  Your kiddo has no specific positioning requirements
  2. You are working on back sounds like k/g (or even/r/), since the reclined position facilitates correct placement
  3. Your kiddo requires a more structured visual field

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