Attendance and Data Collection Freebie 2017-18

Attendance and Data Collection Freebie 2017-18

I’ve wrapped up my year–sessions and paperwork–and am now focused on my daughter’s high school graduation (gulp!)  I will be seeing a handful of students this summer and, while I’m still in school-mode, I’ve started session plans and pulling together materials. It makes it sooooo much easier if I can just grab and go.

I also tend to have grand summer plans about organizing for the upcoming school year during a couple rainy days (though I’m more apt to curl up with a book, I remain eternally optimistic). For those of you who do prep well in advance, I’ve updated my attendance sheets and added a data collection sheet you can grab here.

attendance in action

Let me show you quickly how it works.  For the attendance sheet, I simply circle the date that I saw the child or put a dash though a day they cancelled/missed.

data collection in action

For data collection, I fill out the date, circle whether the session was individual or group (and fill in the number of students in the group) and fill in the length of the session. There is blank space for notes and a 60 space grid to help with tally marks. I’ve started to leave blanks for misses since I have several kiddos that can’t bear to see a – or 0 and I circle the last trial for an activity, especially if it doesn’t end neatly on a “10.”  In the bottom left hand corner, you can add a page number. I haven’t done this previously and I think it will make a world of difference when I’m organizing to write progress notes.

For those of you who can’t bear to think of next year when you don’t have this one sewn up, just bookmark or wishlist. It will sit there until you’re ready. Click here for your copy.

minibook bundle new cover

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