Think Board

You know what I’m loving these days?  Whipping out a marker and drawing right on the table and watching those little eyes get HUGE.

It’s ok because this summer I ordered a full sheet of Think Board and put it over my speech table.  (I’m hoping it doesn’t get me into trouble with teachers down the line with kids who have trouble delineating between when/why it’s ok to draw on my table.)

The sheeting wasn’t that hard to install, but it did take two people to minimize the wrinkles. You simply clean the table well to start, peel off the backing and lay down a side.  Push/smooth the sheet as you work to the other end.  There’s even a little plastic smoother to assist.

Once it’s down, you have an easy to erase and clean surface for dry erase markers!

I use it for:

think board doodle copy

Doodlers (those kids who need something  in their hand to stay on task).

Think board headbandz copy

Notes during games (here we’re keeping track of what clues we’ve had in Head Bandz).

Think board message copy

Notes between therapists.

I can use it for tracking during a session or having a student do their own tracking to see how it matches up with mine.  Basically, it replaces me searching for a piece of scratch paper for so many things. I’m loving it!

Think Board comes in assortment of sizes, but in this case I feel bigger is better. The only issue I’m running into is little ones who want to pick at the edge.  In a couple of months I may need to make a duct tape border on the bottom edge.

Anyone else using this stuff?  Let us know what you’re doing with it!

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  1. Linda

    This looks great! I got tired of looking for scraps of paper, so I keep small doodle whiteboards nearby now, but this is even easier! I’ll bet even my middlechooloers will love it! Thanks for sharing this idea!

    1. Andi

      I love this idea!!! I have used Wall dots on my table to provide a place for the students to write and also to teach about personal space. I too had problems with the children picking at the edges and had to tape them down. thanks for another alternative!

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