Speech Pen Pal Project 2017-18

It’s back! Gabby from Middle School SLP and I are ready to match up some speech and language students in need of a buddy. Do you have a student that could benefit?

This is how it works. You (the SLP) sign up as many as five individual students or groups (1 group or 1 individual = 1 match), giving us some general details: age, primary target area, severity of impairment, etc. Then Gabby and I do our very best to make a match with similar needs in a different geographical area from your own.  We ask that pen pals send their match at least five letters between now and May 15, 2018 and actual letters in envelopes are the preferred method!

We’ve made a few hundred matches in the past and this is our fourth year spearheading the project. We hope you’ll join us! (For a little recap of how it’s been used in the past, check out this post with feedback from Beautiful Speech Life.)

Click here for the sign-up form. You have until October 14, 2017 to submit.



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