No Prep, No Mess Santa Craftivity


Dear Santa, between all the extra demands of the holiday season—shopping, parties, visiting relatives, cooking—I’m desperate for easy activities that fill an entire session, require no prep and don’t generate any messes.

Anyone else feel like sending out this letter?

This week, my older artic kiddos will be assembling a cute Santa craft that only requires printing to prep.

Materials needed:

  • One printed sheet/child
  • Crayons, colored pencil or markers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or tape
  • Cotton balls (4-5/sheet, optional)
  • Glue or double stick tape (optional)


Fold the paper in half long-wise and cut on the lines in the center of the paper. Unfold.

Have students say each of the words at the bottom of the sheet (Santa’s beard) as they snip them into fringe.

During another student’s turn, or for periodic breaks, they can color the top of the sheet red and outline the pom-pom and furry, bottom edge of the hat.


Next, I’ll have students say each word again and curl it up after each successful trial. It’s ok if the curls aren’t perfect!


Add cotton if desired to pom-pom and hat bottom. I’m a huge fan of double stick tape—quick, neat and no dry time.


Once everything is completed, simply bring the two short ends around to make a circle and staple or tape into place towards the middle/bottom. Now slide the top portion just a bit more narrow and staple into place as well.  Voila!  Santa will balance easily on his beard.

For more info, click here.

My younger ones will pull miniature items from Santa’s hat and play with Melissa and Doug’s Christmas cookies.


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  1. Karen Block

    This looks adorable! How do I get it?? I know my sound system kiddos (even the 4th graders) would love to do this but I can’t find a link. Thanks!!

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