It’s Coming!

I just returned from visiting my in-laws at the beach, and I’m not really ready to acknowledge how far we are into the summer and that back-to-school is looming.  I grew up in New Jersey and we always went back the day after Labor Day.  Not in the south!  Students start here around August 20 which means lots of teachers/SLPs are going back even earlier than that!

To get you prepared, TPT is holding their sitewide sale on August 3-4 (next Monday and Tuesday).  Many, many stores will be discounted 20% and with the additional code, BTS15 , you can bring that total savings to 28%.  Awesome!



The most frequently wishlisted items in my store are my Rock, Paper, Scissor games.  This summer they received a complete overhaul and now include (by popular demand), additional decks with picture prompts!  This game requires almost no explaination and gets you lots and lots of trials.  The design has great appeal even up to middle school.  Also available in a wide variety of phoneme groupings.

Rock Paper Scissor for Articulation bundle

Running a close second in the wishlist departement is my I’m Joking:  Joke Books for Articulation and Language.  My students love selecting their favorite jokes (sorted by season or target phoneme) and creating little books to share with their class and families.  (Shhh….they don’t know that’s homework!)

Articulation and Language Therapy Joke Books:  I'm Joking!

My Seasonal Attribute games are one of my favorites.  They incorporate lots of practice with in/exclusion and attributes, plus they have the option of QR codes!  (If you haven’t used QR codes before, it’s easy.  Just download a free app and watch your cool factor go way up!)  This is a great way to reasonable incorporate technology since the bulk of the work is still done in a traditional, manipulative manner.  The QR codes are only used to check your work!  Also available in individual seasons/holidays.  (Halloween is the most popular!)

Seasonal Attributes Game BUNDLE: Compare/Contrast (include

I’m planning to pick up a few things myself.

Back to School! First Day in Speech Therapy Flap Book + extras

Following Directions Bundle

Paper Bag Articulation Books: S, R, L Blends

Superhero Storytelling

To see what others are planning to have in their speech room this fall, head over to Speech Room News and check out the Linky Party!


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  1. SLP Runner

    Okay, your Rock, Paper, Scissors idea is just awesome! Great job.

  2. Jenna

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ashley Rossi

    Love the Rock Paper Scissors game!!! I am getting this – my students will LOVE it!

  4. Annette

    Our district starts on the 12th of August. Thanks for the heads up on the sale! Off to fill my cart 😀

    1. admin

      Wishing you a happy last couple of weeks! Happy shopping to you! (Be sure to let us know if you find an absolute must have)

  5. Ashley

    I can’t wait to use the joke book with my kiddos this year! Thanks so much!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Ashley! I love a good (bad) joke myself so I enjoy these activities as much as my students do! Kim

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