Halloween Fun Sequencing FREEBIE!

Halloween freebie cover pic copy

My students really enjoy Halloween.  It’s such a kid friendly holiday (unlike many others that involve really stressed-out adults).  So when I have the opportunity to incorporate specifically Halloween themes, I do.

Many of my kiddos struggle with three step directions and even within this goal, I’m operating at a bunch of different levels.  I made my sequencing mini-books out of neccessity, and now I have a FREEBIE to share with you!  This free speech activity includes three different levels for working on sequencing goals.

Level 1:  Here the story is assembled and includes text so your lowest level students can listen and color.

Level 2:  At this stage, kiddos can cut out the pictures, sort them into the correct order and paste them in above the correct text.

Level 3:  Students at this stage are ready to sort the pictures and add their own text.

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Sequencing minibook bundle

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