Going Beyond Seasonal Themes in Speech Therapy

going beyond seasonal themesIt was 80 degrees this weekend. In February. In fact, the last month has had so many very warm days, all of the daffodils are up, forsythia is bursting and the trees are in bloom too. Usually, February is our coldest month and if we get snow, it seems to be when we most often have it. So, it’s weird that kids (and myself) are walking around sniffling from seasonal allergies.

And it’s really weird to look at a therapy plan you put together a couple weeks ago with a seasonal theme and realize the season outside isn’t matching up with either the calendar or the plan. Now what?

I like marking holidays and seasons and when my own kids were little we decorated for most of them, did crafts, read books, all surrounding the time of year.  It’s a fun way for little ones to develop vocabulary and concepts and provides a little festivity.

But I think we could be going a bit further for our kiddos out of preschool in terms of all the seasonal content.

I’m not saying we should abandon holiday fun, but that we can (and probably should) expand beyond the usual subjects and work on relevant topics without such a strict interpretation of “seasonal themes.”

Typical themes in March are St. Patrick’s Day (and/or green) and the beginning of spring. They might also include “weather” or “plants.” Where else could we go?  How about a unit on lions and other big cats as suggested by the saying “in like a lion?” Why not explore the multiple meaning of March and experiment with rhythm instruments and a marching band?

If you are required (or just prefer) to stick with the tried and true topics, why not explore a different aspect? Rather than review the life cycle of a seed/plant, why not delve into carnivorous plants or composting?

Here are some additional ideas. Instead of:

Weather: Storm Chasers or the Wizard of Oz

St. Patrick’s Day: Lucky Superstitions

Rainbows: Prisms and Kaleidoscopes

Spring: States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases)

Farm: Animal Communication, Service Animals or Farm Machines and Vehicles

Or try:

Pancakes and maple syrup (it’s sugaring season in Vermont!)

Spring training (baseball is back already!)

Packing a Suitcase and Sending a Postcard (spring break is just around the corner!)

Let me know your favorite spring themes below!

Seasonal freebie fun:

weather idioms cover with frame

Lady Luck Freebie cover square



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