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Take Note

I work in a rather gray area in that I’m a private clinician, but most often seeing kiddos in their school setting. I can easily

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I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

Despite hearing Macklemore’s refrain constantly (and finding the video hysterical), I’m not a Goodwill fan.  Actually, I love the donating to Goodwill aspect and that,

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I Did it My Way

(this post appeared at on July18, 2011)   One of the great perks of being an SLP is flexibility in your work environment: schools, hospitals, travelling therapist, out-patient

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Speaking of Jobs

In honor of all the recent SLP grads, or undergrads looking for a career path, I’d like to offer my “reasons to be an SLP”.

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Forging Ahead

(This post appeared at on August 18, 2011) Hooray! You’ve decided to take the plunge and start working for yourself. Now it’s time for some organization:

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