App Review: Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test

Sunny app pic

Here Comes the Sun! A couple years ago, I had the chance to see Barbra Fernandes M.S., CCC-SLP, from SmartyEars present a number of apps including “Sunny.”  I was intrigued, but I at the time I was focused more on apps for treatment and wasn’t really looking into those for assessment. But I jumped when I was given the chance to try it this year.  While it won’t/can’t take the place of the Goldman-Fristoe that I typically use, both because [Continue Reading]

App Review: Artic Academy

Artic academy icon

Sometimes I fell like I really am running an Artic Academy, so I was very excited to see the title of this new app by Pocket SLP (available for $9.99 in the app store). I was also happy to see, as the name implies, that it is appropriate for a slightly older crowd, since I have a number of elementary kiddos that don’t appreciate “baby” looking apps and are very vocal about it! Target phonemes:  s, z, s blends, l, [Continue Reading]

Ice Cream Monsters plus a Cherry on Top


Update 7/2/12:  Congratulations to Kristen Miller, Courtney Decker and Katy Smith! I was ecstatic when my online buddy, Erik X. Raj, asked me to review his newest endeavor. It’s an online, interactive storybook created for early readers with a theme of inclusion regardless of our differences. The app gives the child the option to have the story read to them or to read it themselves. Each page has opportunities to “touch” the joyful illustration with various rewards.  Frequently, it elicits [Continue Reading]

Apps by STS


Update 6/29/12:  Congratulations to Arlen Schwarz, Carol, Kim Hovey (2!), Debbie Childs, Janice and Robyne who received a free app from STS! I love working with little ones.  There is something so sweet and fun about the six and under crowd. Of course, the disadvantage of this group is that they don’t always….cooperate. Sure you can cajole, implement penalties or resort to bribery; but I hate going there.  So these sessions require some advance thought and more creativity so you [Continue Reading]

Carry-over and out!

2012 03 11_0415

I’m a big believer in incorporating carry-over activities into an articulation therapy plan as early as possible.  Initially, this might include focus on only one word.  Maybe the best production we got last session was on “airplane”.  When I pick that kiddo up from his room, I’ll tell him that and then have him repeat it for me a few times as we walk down the hall, increasing his awareness of his productions outside our room.  I’ll also try to [Continue Reading]