Carry-over and out!

I’m a big believer in incorporating carry-over activities into an articulation therapy plan as early as possible.  Initially, this might include focus on only one word.  Maybe the best production we got last session was on “airplane”.  When I pick that kiddo up from his room, I’ll tell him that and then have him repeat it for me a few times as we walk down the hall, increasing his awareness of his productions outside our room.  I’ll also try to elicit spontaneous productions of the word during therapy but not necessarily during obvious “work” time.

Me:  “Did you hear that?  What was it?”

Kiddo:  “An airplane.”  Or,

Me:  “You are so lucky to go to Disney for spring break.  Will you go in a car?”

Child:  “No, on an airplane.”

I’m working with a child on “th” right now, and need him to start using his correct productions at home, so I’ve asked his mom to periodically hide either his toothbrush or the toothpaste so he has to ask where they are.

Child:  “Have you seen my toothbrush?”  Or,

Child:  “Where’s the toothpaste?”

One of my favorite ways to incorporate more spontaneous practice into a session is using “Multiple Choice Questions for Carryover” by Erik X. Raj.  Originally this was conceived as an e-book with questions to target:  s*, z, r*, l*, sh, ch and th in the initial, medial or final position (* includes blends).  They’re perfect for school aged kids, particularly boys, because many of them have a gaggy, fear factor quality to them.

Example 1 (initial “s”):  “What would you rather eat—rotten salami or moldy sour cream?”

And the “rules” are explicit—you have to choose one!  I think this is also a great way to get kids to assert themselves in a low risk way, after all no one’s going to make them follow-up on their choice, and practice decision making—always a good skill to work on.  If you work in small groups, it also becomes an opportunity to defend your choice and stick to your guns, or to make an audience laugh which is heady stuff for a child whose communication skills are typically lacking.

And here’s some good news, last week Pocket SLP released it as an app (the e-book is no longer) and now in addition to the multiple choice questions there are 975 open ended questions,

Example 2 (initial “s”):  “If I saw a bug bigger than a football on my ceiling I would…why?”

and 975 Silly Sentence Questions,

Example 3 (initial “s”):  “I like to drink salad.  This is silly because….”

I love how these incorporate language skills as well, so you could address multiple goals.  Example 2 lends itself to “what do you expect to see on the ceiling?” (light, fan, shadow) or, in Example 3, “What kinds of things do you drink?” (soda, milk, water) or “What goes into a salad?” (lettuce, croutons, dressing, croutons, carrots, croutons).  The app also has the option to either print the list of questions or email them so you could easily use these as home activities.  I’ve used a couple as table topics at my own dinner table!

Now for the best news—I’ve got a giveaway!  Two lucky readers will win a copy of this app courtesy of Pocket SLP.  Simply answer the following question, briefly is fine, in the comment section by midnight (EST) on March 272012.  Winners will be announced on March 28, 202 and notified by email.  Good luck!

Congratulations to Erin and Elizabeth who won the app in a random drawing!  Be sure to check out the new blog at Pocket SLP for more chances to win free apps! (and certainly consider picking up Multiple Choice Questions for Articulation, at $14.99 it’s a great value)

“What would you rather eat—raspberries that taste like raw fish or raw fish that tasted like raspberries? Why?” [from Multiple Choice Questions for Articulation Practice, initial “r”]



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  1. Joan O'Brien

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the app….I’d rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries —-maybe it’d make interesting sushi—-add a little wasabi and I’d be good to go!

    1. Ruth Ness

      I would rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries. Still, something is fishy about that question!!! 🙂 Thanks for the apportunity 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    I would RathER eat Raw fish that taste like RaspbERRies! I am TRying to eat healthiER and it sURe would make eating healthiER a lot easiER if fish (which I Really hate) tasted yummiER!!!

    Has anyone else hEARd that the iPad 2 will go down to $299 aftER the iPad 3 is Released? I am cERtainly hoping so because OUR disTRict won’t get them fOR us, so I’ll have to pURchase my own.

  3. Rose Kesting

    I asked my 9 year old son to help me answer this question….he said that since sushi is supposed to be good for you he would rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries! Makes sense to me!

  4. Pam

    Raw fish that tastes like raspberries for me. Love this idea! Thanks you!! 🙂

  5. Jill

    I would rather eat raw fish that tastes likes raspberries. Maybe if I close my eyes, I’ll think that I’m really eating something that tastes good!

  6. barb

    I would definitely eat the raspberries that taste like raw fish as I am a vegetarian and don’t eat fish at all. In my omnivore days I ate raw fish (especially ahi) and it was delicious. Of course raspberries are delicious as well!

  7. Kristie Rounke

    I would rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries because then I could actually eat fish! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  8. Becky Kolander

    I would rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries than raspberries that tasted like raw fish as raspberries have a wonderful berry taste that could hide the taste of the raw fish!

  9. Carol

    I would Rather eat Raspberries that taste like Raw fish. I have some sensory issues with textures….textures like those of Raw fish. I love the taste of Raspberries so would miss the taste I typically associate with Raspberries, but since I can’t even imagine eating Raw fish….given the choices….I’d have to choose eating Raspberries over eating Raw fish! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  10. Kristina LaGrange

    Definitely the fish that tastes like raspberries!

  11. Dana

    Im an SLP who would Really RatheR eat Raw Fish that tastes like RaspbeRRies.

  12. Elizabeth Parker

    Fish that tastes like raspberries. Easier to get down 🙂

  13. Julie Whitworth

    Raw fish that tastes like raspberries, for sure!!

  14. Kate Hamylak

    I’d definetly rather have raspberry flavored raw fish! Keep my eyes closed tight and I might not even know it was fish!

  15. dolores

    Raw fish that tastes like raspberries….yummy!

  16. Lenna

    If raw fish actually tasted like raspberries I really would prefer to eat raw fish rather than raspberries that taste like raw fish. I think the taste of raw fish is really really gross.

  17. Connie

    Raw fish that tasted like raspberries because I like the taste of raspberries!

  18. Sharon S.

    Oh…. most certainly raw fish that tastes like raspberries! I would eat it with my eyes closed – thank you very much!

  19. Erin

    As much as I enjoy sushi, I would much rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries…no soy sauce of course :-). Thanks for the opportunity :-).

  20. Stephanie from Speech

    Thanks for the opportunity for a copy of the app (courtesy of Pocket SLP). Please choose me!!! I would rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries because I prefer the taste of raspberries over the taste of raw fish! I would close my eyes and taste those raspberries 🙂

  21. Lisa R.

    Oooohhhh… that’s a tough one. I like raspberries but I have never been able to handle eating fish. It would be good to eat fish that tasted like raspberries but I’m not sure I could stand the texture. Perhaps, my answer would be, “Surprise me!” 🙂

  22. Leanne

    Definitely raspberries that tasted like raw fish versus the alternative. Thank you!

  23. Cindy Robinson

    I would rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries, but even more than that, I’d rather WIN this APP giveaway from POCKET SLP because my school district is piloting a few iPad2’s with Speech Pathologist but we SLP’s are required to purchase our own apps, so winning this app of Questions For Carryover would be wonderful!!!! THANKS!

  24. Stacey

    Definitely raw fish that tasted like raspberries! I don’t think I could handle the fishy taste if it were vice versa.

  25. Grace

    I love to eat sashimi – a Japanese dish of raw fish slices. So either way, I’d eat them. Thanks for the opportunity to win Artic Questions.

  26. Chandra Schneider

    I would much rather eat raw fish that taste like raspberries! Perhaps mix it in yogurt. I love raspberries but I am afraid I cannot think of a way to eat them if they tasted like raw fish! Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome app!

  27. Cody

    I would rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries because you would be able to make some interesting sushi rolls!

    side note** found a word that my kiddo with a super bad lateral lisp can say correctly 🙂 its Raspberry!

    1. admin

      Yipee! Don’t you love it when you (finally) have something to build on?! Kim

  28. Katie

    I would rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries because I do not care for raw fish!

  29. Carol Rickey

    Raw fish that tastes like raspberries, of course!

  30. Emily

    I would much rather eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries! My elementary age boys would LOVE this app…its all about boy humor!

  31. Lori

    Definitely, anything that tastes like raspberries!

  32. Rachel

    Raw fish that tastes like raspberries:). It would make sushi edible to me!! 🙂

  33. Lisa

    I would prefer to eat raw fish that tastes like raspberries!

  34. ashley mcgeehon

    Raw fish that tasted like raspberries b/c raspberries are yummy!

  35. Stacey

    Hmm…this is Really haRd. I TRuly must Reply that I would RathER eat Raw fish that tasted like RaspbeRRies. (Cannot wait to use this with my student woRking on /r/ in caRRyovER! Thanks foR the gReat idea!)

  36. Tracey

    Definately raw fish that tasted like raspberries. It just sounds better. I think I’d eat them with my eyes closed. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Kristina

    This sounds like such a fun app! I would eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries even though it might feel slimy in my mouth!

  38. Lisa

    Hello! Where can I find the “Multiple Choice Questions for Carryover” by Erik X. Raj? They sound wonderful!

    1. admin

      Lisa, the app is by Pocket SLP and you can find it easily in the app store. Search for “Artic questions”. It will run you $14.99–a great deal! Kim

  39. Katy Smith

    Thanks for the advice as always the strategies and ideas are very useful.
    I would rather eat raspberries that taste like raw fish! I have problems with certain textures and there is no way I could have raw fish in my mouth – but raspberries are fine, I don’t think the taste would matter as long as they felt ok! Raw fish can’t taste that bad or there would not be so many people that like to eat sushi!

  40. Shane

    Pick me! Pick me! I would MUCH rather eat raw fish that tasted like raspberries than vise versa. What great tongue twisters this idea has turned into in therapy. I must say though, that my students have come up with some of the grossest things I have ever heard of once we got “rolling” with “raw red fish rolling their red eyes as they reeled from the rareness of their rare ripe raspberry taste”!

    1. admin

      I love what you came up with here! Winners will be chosen randomly, but you can always treat yourself in the app store! Kim

  41. Heidi

    I’d really rather eat red raspberries, but forced to reach for one or the other, it’d be raw fish tasting raspberries devoured really, really quickly.

    I do so want to be picked. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the app and offering it as a giveaway!

  42. Hailey

    Background story: My children were such fussy eaters until I made a New Years resolution to stop the whining and complaining at the supper table. After one and a half weeks of pulling my hair out and almost giving in, my 5 and 3 year old now eat whatever I put in front of them. ( Yuppie!). My 1 year old also does now that she sees her brothers being big boys. If I would have asked this question before Christmas it would have been not well received. Lol
    But it isn’t so tonight when asked at the supper table what they would rather eat they said: “We like raspberries that taste like raspberries and fish isn’t our favorite food (notice the training in no more “hate” word lol) but if raw fish tasted like raspberries it would be our new favorite food!”.
    My boys are silly boys and I now invision them asking for this when we go to the supermarket. Thanks! Lol.
    This app would be fantastic for both my boys because A. They love silly questions and B. They are both in speech. 🙂

  43. Kyla Grills

    Raspberries that taste like raw fish… I can plug my nose to get past the taste but I don’t think I could handle the texture of raw fish. Not that either one is particularly appealing! 😉

  44. Jenny

    Well, I love rasberries and since I am vegetarian would welcome the opportunity to see what raw fish tastes like by selecting the rasberries that taste like raw fish if it meant a chance to win this cool app. Thank you. 🙂

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