Ice Cream Monsters plus a Cherry on Top

Update 7/2/12:  Congratulations to Kristen Miller, Courtney Decker and Katy Smith!

I was ecstatic when my online buddy, Erik X. Raj, asked me to review his newest endeavor. It’s an online, interactive storybook created for early readers with a theme of inclusion regardless of our differences.

The app gives the child the option to have the story read to them or to read it themselves. Each page has opportunities to “touch” the joyful illustration with various rewards.  Frequently, it elicits an infectious giggle from a character. Sometimes it rewards with a brief animation. At other times, it gives a silly sound.

The story is short–eight storybook pages–and holds the kind of repetition that early readers need.  It would be a great way to instill some success in a reluctant reader, especially since they can “take a break” from the heavy lifting of reading with the interactive components.  Good news for the adult though, the interactive components are not overly developed so you don’t end up struggling with an overload of distractions.

July is the perfect time to work in an ice cream theme.  Wait, anytime is actually a good time to work in an ice cream theme!  And I have three promo codes for this app to giveaway!

To enter, let us know–what is your dream ice cream concoction?  The lucky winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, July 2, 2012.  You must enter by midnight EST, July 1, 2012 to qualify.  For the record, I’m partial to coconut gelato with a sugar cone.


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  1. Cindy

    Chocolate with brownie bites, raspberries and covered in hot fudge

  2. Debby Childs

    Coffee ice cream with strawberries and a drizzle of Mom’s homemade hot fudge sauce!

  3. Chris Bourland

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with peanut butter cup and cashews on top!

  4. Chris Gerber

    Coffee (or vanilla) ice cream with caramel and hot fudge!

  5. Connie

    Turtle sundae with whip cream hold the cherry

  6. Erin

    I love either a good mint-chocolate chip shake or cherry-chocolate chip shake :-).

  7. Kristen Miller

    Slightly warmed, dutch apple alamode, finely drizzeled in a creamy caramel sauce, and topped with fresh whip cream and bit size cherries !!

  8. Kim Hovey

    Peanut butter chocolate on a cone!

  9. Carrie

    A bowl of coconut ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and fresh mango on top.

  10. Courtney Decker

    A blizzard/mixer of sorts with vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, brownie pieces and marshmallow cream. =) As Rachael Ray says, “Yummo!”

  11. Marie

    Vanilla custard, fresh raspberries, and strawberry sauce!

  12. Amy

    coffee ice cream with toffee pieces and hot fudge in a waffle bowl!

  13. Lori

    an old fashioned banana split!

  14. Katy Smith

    my favourite is good old vanilla ice-cream mixed with chocolate brownie and strawberry pieces, if it’s topped with chocolate fudge sauce then it’s even better!

  15. Lauren Adragna

    Chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup, marshmallows, and peanut butter. Yum!

  16. Valerie

    Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and crumbled peanut butter cups!

  17. Pam

    Coconut frozen yogurt with fresh mangos.

  18. Shane

    One of those “old timey” double cones (2 scoops side by side) with Dutch Chocolate icecream filled with bits of brownie pieces and pecans or walnuts. Being a southern girl, I prefer pecans! Yum yum, makes me want one right now!

  19. debra kerner

    Coconut ice cream with chunks of pineapple, pecans, banana and chocolate chips mixed in on a chocolate dipped cone. And for the record, I LOVE Erik Raj. he is the absolute best. Ask him about his shoes 🙂

  20. Pat Mervine

    Oh, yum….Graham Slam ice cream topped with banana slices and malt dust.

  21. Joan

    vanilla with chunks of drumstick cones, chocolate and a bit of caramel!

  22. Jean

    Bassetts Dark Chocolate Chip ice cream on a waffle cone!

  23. Paula Townsend

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!! Yum yum

  24. Kristina

    I love strawberry ice cream with crushed peanut butter cups and hot fudge syrup in a waffle cone!

  25. Andrea P. Bregstone

    Coffee ice cream with marshmallow and hot fudge sauce or chocolate sauce with a cherry on top.

  26. Tracey

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce, topped with chocolate chips and sprinkles!

  27. Kelly

    Vanilla ice cream swirled with hot fudge and topped off with chocolate covered peanuts!

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