Time to Warm Up! FREEBIE

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Valentine’s Day weekend was bitterly cold (for NC at least), perfect weather for snuggling with loved ones.  It finished with a beautiful cover of romantic, powdery snow.  President’s Day, on the other hand, brought sleet and rain.  Yuck.

The kind of cold we’ve been experiencing has me warming my hands all day around a mug filled with coffee or tea.  I wish it were hot chocolate, but since New Year’s I’ve been trying to rein in my sugar intake….

But if I’m not currently imbibing myself, I can enjoy the experience vicariously.  Hot chocolate, coming right up!

I like speech activities that allow for an experiential component whether it’s one they get at home, in the classroom or, all the better, one we can do in my speech room.  This sequencing mini-book allows for that!

Like my other sequencing mini books, this freebie has three levels of ability.  The first prints black and white and provides both the text and pictures for the sequence.  The second is in color and provides the text but allows students to order and paste in the correct picture.  Level three asks students to order and paste in the pictures and then add their own text.  This time I’ve also added two questions to the first two levels, “What was I doing?” and “What happens next?”

I plan to bring in a box of hot chocolate envelopes and some marshmallows so we can mix up our own hot chocolate too!

To grab your copy, click here.

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  1. Claudia Doan

    Thank you for this great freebie! I love your thoughtful posts.

    1. admin

      You’ve made my day, Claudia!

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