Teacher Appreciation Day

TpT is holding a two-day sale, May 7-8, in honor of teachers and all they do (but SLPs count, too!).  Many of the TpT storefronts will be participating and offering up to 20% off all their products.  By using the code:  TAD13  you will receive an additional 10% off your total purchase—a total savings of 28%.

This is a great opportunity to end the school year with a grand finale, as well as save you planning time during a very hectic time of year!

You can immediately hop over to my store by clicking here,

Or take a moment to browse by needed target below (each item is linked):



Jackpot for Sight Words

Spinner Speech for Categories

Multiple Meaning Chalk Flowers

Letters to Aunt Nym and Syn Nym

Lily Pad Leap from Prepositions and Pronouns

Worksheets for Wendi’s Magical Voice (fluency)




Artic Attack and other R Games

Articulation Jackpot for R

Action Articulation for R

Rock-Paper-Scissor for R

ArticulaStory for R

Flies in the Barn



Artic Attack and other S/Z Games

Articulation Jackpot for S

Move Ahead Decks for S, Z, L, K, G

Rock-Paper-Scissor for S, Z, TH

ArticulaStory for S

Articulation/Phonological worksheets for S cluster reduction



Move Ahead Deck for F, V, SH, CH, J

Move Ahead Decks for S, Z, L, K, G

Action Articulation for Z, L, G

Action Articulation for ZH, J, TH

Rock-Paper-Scissor for S, Z, TH

Rock-Paper-Scissor for SH, CH, J

Rock-Paper-Scissor for K, G, F, V, L

ArticulaStory for TH

ArticulaStory for CH

ArticulaStory for SH

Sliding worksheet for TH




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