Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum (plus a giveaway!)

(this post was provided by the author, Lois Brady)

Congratulations to Kim who won a free copy of this book! (updated August 31, 2012)

In all areas of healthcare and education, a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way to meet the needs of the students you are working with. Every field has their own unique perspective to bring to the table and it helps provide an overall picture of the individual and their needs. In the educational setting, working with professionals from varying backgrounds is a part of the daily routine. Through the years occupational therapists and speech therapists have discovered the value of combining their expertise to elicit the most out of a child. The occupational therapist brings a sensory-motor approach using meaningful activities such as crafts and arts, while the speech therapist brings the most important aspect everyone needs in any setting: functional communication.

A variety of common classroom and household materials are used in the activities and most are interchangeable. The main focus for group activities is providing an opportunity for the children to engage in supported socialization and conversation. It allows opportunities for joint attention and to think about other people in the group with commenting on each other’s work, and sharing materials.

Click here for the video of Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum.

We have a giveaway!  To enter let us know who you most often co-treat with–OT, PT, another specialist, or always by yourself.  You have until Thursday, August 30, 2012 midnight EST to enter.  The winner will be chosen at random and receives a free copy of Speak, Move, Play and Learn with Children on the Autism Spectrum.  Must have a US address.  Winner to be announced Friday, August 24, 2012.


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  1. M. Parker

    Our system uses the team approach to treat such students. SLP, OT and a case manager.

    1. Renee

      I most frequently co-treat with the ASD teacher and even with Gen Ed teachers.

  2. Laura

    I co-treat with OT and PT at the school where I work.

  3. Nikki

    Typically I am co-treating or more so collaborating with the Preschool Intervention Specialist.

  4. Jill

    I co-treat/co-teach with our Autism specialist most often. Those children often have a team of many specialist, although some are not at the same school each day. the Autism Specialist and myself are next door to each other and work most the day together.

  5. Robin Sweeney

    I co-treat with the OT and PT providers at our school.

  6. Connie

    I cotreat frequently with ot

  7. Cyndi Peacock

    I have not co-treated in the past but would love to try it this year. I am sharing a room with our OT and PT this year and co-treating would be very beneficial, just not sure how to go about it!

  8. Kim

    Work mostly alone but collaborate with teachers and parents, and speak with OT regularly for ideas and input.

  9. Donna Rinaldi Reggiani

    I mostly co-treat with the OT.

  10. Donna

    I co treat with the Gen. Ed teacher in most cases.

  11. Jenny

    OT! 🙂

  12. Lisa

    I cotreat with OT, and classroom teacher

  13. Jill

    I always collaborate with the classroom teacher, and often an OT or PT, and the parents who want to be involved.

  14. Kimberly

    I mostly co treat with the OT and classroom teachers.

  15. Valerie

    I mostly co-treat with the special education teacher and/or occupational therapist

  16. Kim Hovey

    I co-treat with the intervention specialist (classroom teacher).

  17. cheryl Krivarchka

    I co-treat with the special education teacher and parents!!

  18. cheryl Krivarchka

    I co-treat with the special education teacher and parents.

  19. Candace Scearce

    I co-treat with the inclusion teacher (who is also an ABA therapist) and the general education teacher.

  20. Nicole

    In our special ed. preschool I’m lucky enough to collaborate with special ed. teachers, another SLP, OT, PT, school psychologist, and parents!

  21. Sue Blankenship

    I co-treat with the O.T. and the ECE teacher. I am going to start going into a regular division kindergarten class to collaborate on some ASD students this week, too.

  22. Melissa

    I typically treat solo but occasionally co-treat with OTs and PTs.

  23. Carrie W.

    Iam an SLP and I most often co-treat with the OT or adaptive PE teacher!

  24. Lingonberry

    I am a SLP and I co-treat with OT, SPED teacher, resource and alos with Gen, Ed teachers. I also work closing with SPED aides and also do individual therapy.

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