Snacks for the SLP


At first glance this might not seem quite as pertinent to your treatment room, but if you’ve ever had a non-stop day with a rumbling stomach you know how critical snacks can be.  So, I’m going to run through my favorites.

Fage Greek yogurt and honey:  My kids tease me mercilessly because I eat this so often and I’ll admit I get a little anxious if I don’t have one in the fridge.  The yogurt is so thick and creamy (with no icky watery stuff) and you can customize each spoonful with your perfect yogurt/honey ratio.  It’s just perfect.

Oikos caramel yogurt:  This is a new arrival in my house and it is so delicious it sometimes substitutes for the honey/yogurt above.  It’s certainly caramel-y enough to be a virtuous dessert as well.  The container is small so it’s also a good choice if you absolutely have to have something, but it’s getting awfully close to dinner.  The yogurt is a little tart, the caramel is sweet.  The whole thing is blissfully creamy.

Horizon mozzarella cheese sticks:  Doesn’t everyone keep these around nowadays?  So quick, so easy. And I love Triscuits.  Four to six Triscuits with a cheese stick will get me through for a little while.

Ile de France brie bites:  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted this bag.  Mini brie cheeses, individually wrapped!  What a great idea!  My kids hate brie so buying a wedge often seems like more of a committment than I really want.  These little beauties can sit in the fridge for several weeks, aren’t nearly as messy and are so darn cute.  (I also love to cook and I keep envisioning salads with this sweet little brie circle served on the side of a gorgeous stew.  Can’t wait for colder weather.)

Let’s move away from dairy and take a look at some crunchier options.

Nature Valley granola squares:  They come in dark chocolate or peanut butter.  I’m definitely the chocolate type.  It’s small, but you can always have two.  Much better than a granola bar.  More like a cookie.  Ideal with a cup of coffee.

Blue Diamond Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds:  Mmmmm. They aren’t messy just crunchy and slightly sweet.

Go Picnic:  These things are awesome!  More like a lunch or a big snack they come in two combinations:  salami and cheese or hummus and crackers.  Each one has the protein source and crackers, a nut & fruit mix pack and a little treat (cookie or chocolate square).  I think the whole thing is organic (the hummus one is gluten free and vegan).  They come in these clever little boxes which open into a tray and, while you eat, you can work on the puzzle they’ve printed on the inside.  It doesn’t even need refrigeration!  I’m a huge fan.  (Oh happy day!  When I went to their website I found a number of other combinations I didn’t even know existed!)

Final items fall under good manners (see Artic Brain).  If you’re going to talk close to someone’s face, it’s best to practice some oral hygiene after a snack.

Mentos gum:  This is my favorite gum.  I keep the squat little pot in my car and the tall narrow containers in my purse.  I’m starting to save the containers.  I just know there is a therapy activity in there somewhere….  Weird habit of mine, I only chew a minute or two and then I’m done.  I really should be more of a mint person, but I just don’t care for them much.

Colgate Wisp:  Love these little things and always have them in my purse.  You literally get a full tooth brushing without need of a sink.  Invaluable on long plane trips, especially if you tend to fall asleep.

Your turn!  What did you bring for snack?  Wanna trade?

This is an unsponsored post, though I would love to see a box of any of these products arrive on my doorstep. 


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