Sequencing Mini-books with an Apple Picking themed FREEBIE!

Apple Picking sequence freebie

A quick look at my caseload and I can check off nearly half that struggle with sequencing tasks. Some are way at the beginning–working on three step sequencing and needing a lot of support with that. Others have mastered simple ordering, but add another step or two and…it’s like the whole exercise falls apart. Or if you start asking questions pertaining to the story…Let’s just say we have our work cut out for us.

I want to make sure my kiddos have success. Lots of success. The kind of “I’m king of the world” success that they don’t usually get in their own classroom. So, I start where they are and move the bar up just a little each time. I have them stretch, but not so far that they feel like giving up.

Which is why the Sequencing Mini-books I use meet so many of my kids needs. Level 1 has both the pictures and the text. Level 2 has the text, but now we are cutting and pasting in the pictures in the correct order. For my little ones at Level 3, they order and paste in the pictures and then write (or dictate) accompanying text.

3 step apple freebie all pictured watermark

If you haven’t tried these, I’ve got a seasonal freebie for you to try–Apple Picking. (Link is at the bottom of the post.)

adv minibook all titles watermark

But if you need something more challenging (because you are a master clinician and those kiddos are surging ahead), check out my newest version, Advanced Sequencing and Comprehension Questions. This was something I really needed last year!

Now the mini-books include a six part story and four comprehension questions. Level 1 still has text and pictures plus the questions. Level 2 allows the child to order the pictures and answer the questions and Level 3 gives kiddos the chance to add their own text to pictures they’ve placed in order (because the stories will vary at this level, the questions are more open ended).

adv mini book folding into book watermark

The folding might look complicated, but it’s not (promise!) and the kids will find it magical.

The seasonal freebie for this is “Making Apple Pie.” You can find the full freebie, Sequencing with Apple Picking, here which contains both the three step and six step mini-books.

To check out an entire pack of Advanced Sequencing and Comprehension Questions, click here.

For my entire line of 3-step sequencing mini-books, click here.

I love pick-your-own anything! Strawberries, blueberries, apples…my family does it all. How about you?


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  1. Heidi Britz

    Love this freebie, thank you! Always looking for sequencing activities.

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