Reading on a Roll and Short e FREEBIE!

Reading on a Roll cover


I’ve had a number of students this year that need pre/early reading support and I’ve been creating lots of different ways to address the same skills that are being presented in the classroom.  Word families, like -at, and short vowels have been the primary focus.  I’ve put together “Reading on a Roll” sheets to use both in therapy and to send home for practice.  Parents have been delighted with the game format!

I’ve decreased the visual distractions on the page as much as possible (a need for lots of my students) and many of the word families have two sheets, one only changes the initial consonant, the second allows consonant diagraphs and blends to be used as well (ie. cat, chat, brat).

Try it out by picking up “Reading on a Roll:  Short e FREEBIE” and check out the entire packet of “Reading on a Roll:  Short vowel word families.”

Looking for early reading assistance with sight words?  Try “Jackpot for Sightwords.”



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