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“Welcome!”  (Imagine I’m standing here with iced tea and cookies)  “Thanks so much for coming!”

Activity Tailor has been undergoing a huge make-over during the past month, and while our insides remain the same, our outside is looking much spiffier!

May I show off a bit?

New Site categories.PNG

Social Media:  It’s so easy to follow us everywhere!  On Twitter and Facebook, I have daily posts to interesting links, fabulous freebies, some humor and lots of opportunity for interaction.  Instagram gives you a chance to see my speech room in action (it will be more lively in a few more weeks!)  Pinterest gives you a chance to see activities I use (or plan to), plus access to parent and private practice resources I think are worthwhile.  Contact me if you’d like to contribute to either of these boards!

New Site categories for blog post.PNG

Posts:  I’m still cleaning out the back room, so to speak, but searching for old posts by topic will be much easier.  And have I mentioned sharing?  In addition to the sharing buttons at the end of each post, all images give you an easy “pin it” hover button (so practice what your momma preached).

New Site pin it button.PNG

Products and Freebies:  All of my products and freebies are now easily accessible in my TpT shop (no subscriber only password to keep up with!).  If you’ve been shopping lately, you might notice that the look of my store front, as well as almost all of my covers, have been updated.

An enormous thank you to my wonderful designer, Ginny, at My New Favorite Design.  Take a moment to visit her own gorgeous blog, A Modern Commonplace Book, or pop over to Miss Kopy Kat to enter a $100 gift certificate for her design services.  You can use it to either start your own blog or refresh an existing one.  Click here to enter.

I’d love to hear what you think (or what still needs tweaking).  Take a moment to comment below.

A completed project this big is cause for a major celebration, so let’s have a BIG giveaway.  Winners will be announced August 12, 2014 (for the Hard Goods Giveaway you must have a US address).  Good luck!

New Site Hard Goods Giveaway
New Site Move It Giveaway

New Site Seasoning giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Stephanie K

    Haven’t ever, but think it could be fun! Love the new look on your site.

  2. Annie Doyle

    I consider each new day “a make over” 😉 Truly, each day, each week, each month is an opportunity for improvement and growth!

  3. Joan O'Brien

    I’ve never had one – sounds terrifying and awesome at the same time!

  4. Chris McDougall

    No, but I did have my long hair cut REALLY short when my infant daughter demonstrated he grip of steel. That was 12years ago, so bothe she and my hair have had plenty of time to grow.

    Oh, and I got my Master’s in speech-language pathology this year as a mid-life career change. I start as a school SLP this month. Surely that counts!

  5. barb

    I’ve never had a makeover, sure could use one! I makeover my speech room every year!

  6. Lynda

    Yes — once had a MaryKay consultant (who was a friend at the time) give me a complete make-over. Then rave for days that I should be wearing make-up ALL OF THE TIME!

    Um… thanks?

    Love the make over on your site. Looks great!

  7. Abby G

    I always wanted to do Glamour Shots growing up, but all I’ve ever had was a Mary Kay makeover. It’s always fabulous changing up my hair though! Congratulations on the new look!

    Schoolhouse Talk

  8. Kim Hovey

    I have done cosmetic make overs (lol–I’m a sorry case!) but website makeovers are much more fun!

  9. Cj

    I had a haircut makeover once. I would love a “makeover of new materials” to have new goodies to entice the kiddos!

  10. Jenna

    The closest I’ve ever come was the fabulous make up job on my wedding day! 🙂

  11. Elizabeth

    I haven’t had a makeover, but I’m certainly loving the one for your page!

  12. Crystal Reszczynski

    I have never had one for myself, but I regularly “make over” my office, therapy techniques, forms and hone my therapy style. Keeps things fresh, and gives me a new attitude.

  13. Kelly

    I recently did a blog makeover-but my most interesting (or embarrassing) blog makeover happened when I went to a New Year’s Eve party that my husband said was “casual” dress. It was really fancy. So the hostess took me upstairs and found a fantastic gown for me and when I cam downstairs everyone cheered. It kind of felt like being on the makeover shows.

  14. Julie Grahalm

    Do tween slumber parties count?

  15. Shannon Giles

    I’ve never truly had a make-over, but love to do little things like prettying up with manicure/pedicure or a fun new outfit.

  16. Jenni McDonald

    I’ve never had a makeover but it sure would be a lot of fun!!!!

  17. Vickie Jones

    I had one of those glamour shot makeovers once, I still look at the pictures and ask, who’s that

  18. The SLT Scrapbook

    Hi! The new site looks great! Loving the new make-over look!

    1. The SLT Scrapbook

      Haha! I commented, then clicked on the box to say I had done it! Wondered why everyone was talking about their own makeovers and not your lovely new blog!!!
      No, I’ve not had a makeover, the closest I come is dolling myself up for weddings, posh functions etc.

  19. Wanda

    I’ve gotten a new hair style, but never a complete make over. my job just got a make over as I changed to a new school district.

  20. Emily

    I’m like a previous poster, the most I’ve done is cut off my hair when it was really long to donate to Locks of Love.

  21. Hillary Betzen

    I believe we had makeovers in girl scouts one year! I remember being disappointed we didn’t do something more fun, like actually go camping! But I love your “makeover”!

  22. Kristen B.

    No make-overs for me! Unless you count the time my friends attempted to pluck my eyebrows in the 6th grade…so traumatic! : )

  23. Valerie

    I have never had a makeover.

  24. Emily Swanson

    I grew up with a mom who sells Mary Kay so I can say I have had my fair share of makeovers. I also just went from having blonde highlights to a dark auburn hair color so that was a fun makeover!

  25. Emily

    No true make-over here, but I like to pamper myself with pedicures!

  26. Suzanne

    The new website looks great Kim! Congrats.

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