Which Cinematic SLP Are You?

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Let’s take a break from back-to-school organizing and have a little fun!  This summer I re-watched some favorite movies and a few feature the mighty SLP!  So let’s take a little quiz and see which cinematic SLP you’re most like.  Can you think of any movie SLPs?  Try and guess based on the answer choices before you flip the page and score.  Please leave feedback telling us “who you are” or who you thought you would be!

Click here to see yourself in the movies.


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  1. Rita Samuelson

    Problem is, the first 3 are not SLPs! Check out the movie “Anywhere But Here”. Susan Sarandon plays an actual SLP. Not a really good mother, but a real SLP. And yes, it is very hard to find one of those in the movies. I’m always amused at the range of people who do our job cinematically.

    1. admin

      Technically, none of them were! I’ve always been a fan of classic movies and enjoy seeing the way our profession has evolved over the years from voice coach to actual certified clinician.

      I completely forgot about Susan Sarandon’s character! Are there more anyone can think of? Perhaps I’ll add an update!

  2. Cheryl Ware

    I got a different letter for each question? An excellent portrayal of an SLP is Henriette in “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” It came out in 2007 and follows the recovery of the French Editor of Elle magazine after suffering a stroke. She gets him to communicate using an eye gaze AAC system because he had “locked-in” syndrome. Thanks!

    1. admin

      Cheryl, I haven’t seen that one. Thanks for the tip. Sounds like you’re an eclectic therapist yourself! (Me, too

  3. Rita Samuelson

    Well, there’s Paula in which Loretta Young is trained. by the family doctor to do speech therapy with the child who is a selective mute because she hit him with her car. TCM shows it every now and then ! (I am not making this up).

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