Open Ended Winter Games

Open Ended Winter Games coverI find myself travelling between three schools again this year which means open ended games or worksheets that are ultra-portable are a real asset!  The ones I’ve been using are great for therapy but can also double as homework, especially on those snow days that are bound to come in the next two months!


Snowman Building:  For this activity you print out a set of snowman cards for each player plus one additional set.  Laminate (optional) and cut.  Use a hole punch to punch out the “X” eyes and buttons.  Shuffle all the cards and place in the center of play.  The object is to build a snowman first by collecting all six different cards–hat, head, middle, botton and two coal cards.  A two lump coal card slides behind the face to blacken the eyes.  A three lump coal card slides behind the torso to blacken the buttons.


Mitten reinforcement:  My students loved this last week!  You can use the worksheets (two levels–one has 16 pairs, the other 95) simply to reinforce each trial or two.  I have students color in a matching pair of mittens after every two words.  Bonus:  One mitten doesn’t have a pair (just like at my house).  Can you be the first to find it?

Scarf writing

Scarf writing:  One sheet has instructions for articulation practice.  Simply write a different target word on each stripe and have students color after successful productions.  Another version suggests you write a category name at the top of the scarf and have students fill in as many items that would fit as possible.  The third version targets descriptions.  The therapist writes the name of an object at the top of each scarf and the student writes the defining characteristics.  Bonus:  This activity follows the popular EET program so you might have students color the scarf to match the color prompts from the program.  A final sheet is blank for your own creativity!

game boards pic

Swirling Snowflakes:  These open ended game boards come in two versions.  The first has a card deck that has you move ahead based on color matching.  The second (more difficult) has you move ahead by making snowflake matches.

For more info or to purchase, please click here.

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  1. Mary

    I really like the scarf sheet, as well as the “twist” on the snowman with the black for the eyes & buttons. 3 schools? Are they all elementary schools?

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