My TpT Wishlist…

Jenna, over at Speech Room News, is hosting a linky party so you can see what your fellow SLPs are piling into their carts in anticipation for the big Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!

All of my products will be discounted 20% and with the code:  CYBER you can save even more–for a total of 28%

I’ve recently BUNDLED several of my most popular products.  Check out:

Rock Paper Scissor for Articulation bundle

One of my most beloved series, check out why Cindy says “Great fun! The kids love games and working on their goals in a game is a win win!” (Click here for the link.)

Stretch all your classic boards games with:

Move Ahead Decks for Articulation Bundle!

and see why Paula says, “Great material to maximize productions!” (Click here for the link.)

Finally, check out:

ArticulaStory BUNDLE and Save! for R, S, TH, SH and CH

And see why reviewers say, “Really love these for higher level artic! Thank you!”  (Click here for the link.)

If you are looking for more seasonal items try, Multiple Meaning Snowflakes, Polar Bear Plunge for Articultion, Polar Bear Plunge for Prepositions or Fluency Tower Game Mats Holiday and Seasons edition.

I’m planning to pick up:

Articulation for Reading and Conversation Speech Therapy I

I have so many students struggling to make the leap from the therapy room to natural contexts.  Can’t wait to try these out! (Click here for the link.)

Mirror-TIC: SH, CH, J

I’ve already purchased a couple of the “Mirror” series, but I need the complete set! (click here for the link)

Do Not Break the Ice Blocks Articulation

OK, I couldn’t actually wait until the sale and purchased this a month ago, but I still have to share because my kids LOVE this!  I like that we have fun while we practice and since so many artic kids also seem to need additional fine motor practice….you should see some of them weild that little hammer!  (Click here for the link.)  And now she has a version with pictures for your youngest students!  That’s going in my cart….

Can’t wait to hear what everyone else has discovered!


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  1. Major Speech Minor Girl

    I own all of these items in your cart already and I can tell you they are all fabulous!!!! I love reading what other people intend to buy!

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