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We’re all aware at how woefully (financially) under compensated many integral professionals are.  Community helpers, moms, and educators are a few that immediately come to mind. Certainly there’s a place for groups banding together to advocate for better pay and work conditions, but I find it so much more rewarding when a story like Deanna Jump‘s hits the news.

If you didn’t catch this clip on CNN last week, take a minute to check it out.  (click here) In essence, Deanna is one of those incredibly dedicated and creative teachers devoted to her students. A couple years ago, she started posting her ideas on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) and after a year of modest returns, her downloads took off.  At this point she has sales in excess of one million dollars!  Good deal!  I’m thrilled to hear that her passion is being rewarded and find it particularly satisfying that it’s paid directly to her rather than a large corporation.

Granted, I have a bias as a small business owner, but I’ve been discouraged over the past few years as niche providers close up shop for economic reasons. Often these small companies have much to offer that a larger business can’t–personal attention, products that have been vetted (and usually designed) by clinicians, the ability to more quickly revise or tweak products and quicker turnaround of new products. Smaller companies often have more specific/niche products as well since they don’t require as large a demand to provide an offering.

For example, LessonPix has a “request clip art” button on their website to assist you with specific needs.  2Gals (the actual 2Gals, not customer service somewhere) were available to walk you through the “how to” of their software. When I did online continuing education classes with Advanced Healthcare Education a couple years ago, the owner, Darla, would answer the phone or promptly respond to emails when I was experiencing technical issues.

There are a number of new, modestly sized, SLP companies with wonderful offerings.  I like STS Apps which has adorable apps for articulation and early language. Mobile Education Store has great apps for school aged language goals. Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News now has downloads available on TpT.  Activity Tailor continues to develop more products and I’m always open to hearing what areas you need more assistance with in therapy.

One of the “surprising” aspects of the CNN segment, at least to the reporter, is that Deanna continues to drive the same car and still works at the same school. I would have expected that, given her commitment to education. If I had to make a guess, I’ll bet she’s increased her personal budget for classroom supplies and that her children will have more flexible options for college.

Let’s keep this positive!  Let us know a good experience you’ve had with a small business. Links encouraged.  And please take a moment to visit and follow my TpT store.

(Views in this post are strictly my own and I’ve received no compensation from the companies mentioned.)


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  1. Kristin

    I have always had this little dream of either having a little private practice where I treat socially-awkward teens and adults- just straight pragmatic/social therapy. OR to have a little play place where moms can bring their kids to play (like a place called Explore or Jump Around that I have been to back when I was a nanny), and I could also do private ST in the back room while the mom waits with the rest of her kids. Yay for small businesses!

    My little sis got married this weekend and I was amazed at what a great job her photographer and videographer did. What an interesting little private business that is technically underpaid for their full days of work and editing, etc.!

    1. admin

      Oh, I hope you do someday! Congratulations to your sister. I agree those kinds of wedding professionals are very underpaid (though when working with a wedding budget it doesn’t feel that way!), but I’ll bet they (usually) love what they do. Kim

  2. Cathleen

    This is a great story. Enjoy your commentary and other links to small businesses. When a person does what they love it shows through.

    1. admin

      Isn’t that the truth! Thanks so much for your comment. Kim

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