It’s My Anniversary! HUGE Giveaway!

Happy Anniversary to…Me!

Activity Tailor is now four years old.  Who knew I had so much to say?!  As a thank you to all of my readers, I have a massive giveaway.  Check out all TWENTY of the super prizes below (click for full info), then enter away!  You have four opportunities to enter.  Winners will be drawn randomly and receive prizes randomly.  You have until midnight EST on July 28, 2015 to enter.  Winners will be announced and receive their prizes via email by August 1, 2015.

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Anniversary Giveaway


Fall Attributes by Activity Tailor

Who Knows/Nose Homophones by All Y’All Need

Nacho Sentence Grammar Activity Using Adjectives and Adverbs by Beautiful Speech Life

10 Little Rubber Ducks Overboard (A book companion) by Firefly Speech and Language

Community Helpers:  An Inference Game by AGB Speech Therapy

Apple, Apple Speech Therapy Reader by Speech Sprouts

Receptive & Expressive Language Builder Back to School Edition by TLC Talk Shop

Activity Tailor Giveaway


Rock, Paper, Scissor BUNDLE! (revised w/picture prompts) by Activity Tailor

Articulation and Language Therapy Joke Books:  I’m Joking! by Activity Tailor

Bundled Articulation Binder ALL PHONEMES by Mia McDaniel

Oceans of Words Articulation Worksheets by Gold Country SLP

Talk about Cards CH by Looks Like Language

K/G Interactive Flip Books by the Dabbling Speechie

Brains for S by LyndaSLP123

Fast Pace Race Articulation Challenge for S/Z by Small Talk SLP

Speech Therapy Homework Activity with Hawaiian Coloring Scenes by Speech Party

Activity Tailor giveaway


What is Stuttering? by Activity Tailor

Fluency Tower Game Mats by Activity Tailor



Speech and Language Certificates and Awards by Speech Therapy Fun by Jennifer Bradley

My First Day in Speech Flap Book by Sweet Southern Speech


If I had a real life party for my readers, this is the kind of cake they’d like served:




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  1. Sarah

    My favorite flavor of cake is Funfetti! (P.S. Happy anniversary! I love your blog and find it to be so helpful!)

    1. admin

      Thanks, Sarah! That’s so gratifying to hear! Kim

    2. Riki

      I love funfetti too!!!

  2. Valerie


  3. Amber Reese

    Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    1. Amber Reese

      Sent too soon…my favorite is either coconut or red velvet!

  4. Tiffany Moore


  5. Mallory Dunn

    My favorite is vanilla coconut with coconut flakes on the frosting!! Yum!

  6. Hannah Summerlin

    Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing 🙂

  7. Jeannie

    ice cream cake!

    THank you for the opportunity to win these prizes!! 🙂

    1. admin

      You’re welcome–good luck! I have fond memories of Carvel cakes with the cookie crumb layer 🙂

  8. Lacy


  9. Macy

    Chocolate raspberry 🙂

  10. Sue

    Texas sheet cake is my favorite!

  11. Jena

    Thank you for all that you do for SLPs!

    1. admin

      Thanks so much, Jena!

  12. Tiffany

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite flavor is peanut butter cup ice cream cake 🙂

  13. Susan S.

    Wedding cake!

  14. LeeAnn Dodge

    I love chocolate!

  15. Lisette

    Strawberry Shortcake with heavenly real whipped creme…. Yum. Happy anniversary!

  16. Lynda

    Favorite flavor of cake? Carrot! Carrot cake! YUM! Congratulations on 4 years blogging!

  17. Kristen K.

    I love ice cream cake! Happy 4 years!

  18. Julua

    This would make my new grad year so much easier. What a wonderful and generous opportunity

  19. Stacy Magnus

    Thank you for designing such wonderful products! My students love them!

  20. Sharon Swindell

    I am more of a cookie person so I vote for a giant chocolate chip cookie cake!

    1. admin

      I am MUCH more a cookie than cake person too!

  21. Susie

    Chocolate with strawberries!

  22. Debby Childs

    Congratulations on 4 great years!

    Cheesecake is my favorite! No need to put anything on it or add anything into it.

  23. Renee

    Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting please!
    congratulations and Thank you for your wonderful blog. I love reading your posts and using your materials!

  24. Corinne

    Happy 4th to you! My favorite cake would have to be chocolate fudge with a dark chocolate ganache.

  25. M. Parker

    Chocolate with chocolate icing!! Congratulations!!

  26. Emily

    Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you to all those who contributed products to your giveaway!

  27. Maryann Stry

    I love chocolate cake

  28. Annie Doyle

    Anything “cake” flavored is my favorite!!! I LOVE sweets! Happy anniversary! You do such a great job! Here’s to many more happy blogging years!

  29. barb

    Cheesecake with lilikoi topping – Yum! Thanks for the giveaway. Congratulations on your anniversary, I learn so much from your blog!

  30. Karen

    Chocolate with sprinkles!
    Happy Anniversary 🙂

  31. Ann F

    happy anniversary! i love receiving your blog. you’re so creative-keep up the good work!

  32. Ann F

    red velvet with vanilla butter icing-yum

  33. Gloria

    Happy 4th Anniversary!!
    I love me some good cake . . . If I had to choose I would go for the traditional vanilla cake!!

  34. Katy

    Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary – thank you very much for the great giveaway opportunity, the prizes all look awesome. My choice of cake to help you celebrate would be chocolate fudge or sticky toffee 😉

  35. Janel

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite cake flavor is a toss up between white and angel food.

  36. Sharon Harkins

    I love chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake!!!

  37. Alexandria

    Italian cream cake!

  38. María Isabel

    Happy Anniversary! I love your work!
    My favorite cake flavor is strawberry shortcake.

  39. Tara

    Happy anniversary!

  40. Jennifer


  41. Judy Hale

    Chocolate cake or carrot cake

  42. Carol

    I love German Chocolate Cake!

    Happy 4th Anniversary!

  43. Harriett Hughes-Rex

    My favorite is white cake with fudge icing. Congrats & thanks for all your info & products!!!!

  44. Jill Shook

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! My favorite cake is actually pie- we had it for our wedding and I love cherry pie for my birthday!

  45. Erin Taraboletti

    My favorite flavor cake is vanilla with buttercream icing! Congrats on the Aniversary!

  46. Susan

    Thank you for this opportunity! Someone else mentioned carrot cake–I second that:)

  47. Kristen

    THANKS !!

  48. Kristen Olson

    It’s hard to pick, but if it was paired with frosting, it would be yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Thanks for all the cool ideas!

  49. Kayla

    I love chocolate cake with peanut butter icing !!!

  50. Meagan Lawson

    vanilla with buttercream frosting!

  51. The SLT Scrapbook

    Happy Anniversary! 4 years- what an achievement 🙂 I love reading your blog, it’s so useful!
    My favourite flavour cake is lemon! A lemon drizzle cake to be specific! 🙂

  52. Cecile

    I love chocolate cake but my very favorite is Texas sheet cake. Congratulations and thanks for your giveaway.

  53. Ashley W

    Red velvet!

  54. Kelly Lawson


  55. Erin Moore


  56. Rachel

    I recently had cake at a wedding. I can’t remember the actual cake flavor, but the frosting was salted caramel and was soooo yummy!

  57. Shari Palermo


    My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!! Yum yum!

    I have my fingers crossed! Several of these items are on my wish list already!

  58. Kris

    My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Enjoy your website and thank you for this fun contest!

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