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Leslie Phipps

I really prefer to walk outside or dance for my exercise, but when the weather is completely uncooperative, I head to the gym.  Our local YMCA is awesome and puts lots of (very expensive) gyms I’ve belonged to in the past to shame.  They have lots for my entire family including sports programs and personal training.

Several months ago, the personal trainer bulletin board caught my eye because one of the trainer bios said “has been a speech-language pathologist for 22 years.”  Really?  What a cool combination!

Leslie Phipps, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, is a pediatric therapist in my county’s school program working with ages 3-5 years.  She’s a passionate “advocate for kids,” but, like many of us, rather overwhelmed by paperwork and reimbursement that doesn’t seem to take into account the individuals we treat.

While she still loves the job, about a year ago, she added certified personal trainer to her credentials and now nearly every evening, you can find her working at the gym.  In this setting, her typical client is in their 30s or 40s and looking to get back into shape or rehabilitate an injury.  It’s another way for Leslie to satisfy her need to help others and helps balance the stress and demands of her school position.

Leslie has always been active.  As a child she ran track, played basketball and even fenced.  During her time at UNC-Greensboro, she participated in aerobic classes.  All of this experience helped when she began an online study course for 6-8 months that culminated in a three day weekend workshop with hands-on demonstrations, case studies which required on the spot recommendations and an exam.  Having co-treated with OT and PT extensively in the past, Leslie was familiar with body mechanics, but it still took lots of studying!

As we move into the summer, lots of us are recommitting to our exercise program.  Don’t have summers off?  Leslie has a few tips for you.  Remember, every little bit helps!

  • Take advantage of conference calls or other phone time and start stretching, pacing or doing squats.
  • Take the stairs or walk through the office to talk to someone rather than send an email or text.
  • Park far away!  Whether it’s in the office parking lot or at the grocery store, those steps add up.

Anyone else out there dabbling in a different field?  I’m interested in featuring your story!  Email me directly at [email protected].

For the rest of you, leave a comment with your favorite exercise or tip for sneaking in more activity.  I head to the beach soon!


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  1. Annie Doyle

    Well my exercise of choice is running, although I really don’t like it! I get the most bang for my buck, but I’m slow!!! It’s wonderful you have a “Y” in your area. They truly do offer something for everyone! Have fun at the beach!!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Annie!

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