Gifts for the SLP

Am I angling a little bit?  Yes, but everywhere you look this time of year are lists and lists of gift recommendations.  But have you ever seen a “Gifts for the SLP in your life”?  Never.  Time to fix that!  Print it out and highlight your favorite wishes or jot in a few more.  Or “accidently” leave the screen open for others to come across.  You deserve it!

Stocking Stuffer ideas:

In my house, stockings are almost the best part.  It’s so much fun to root through a pile of perfect little gems.

Stickers: I usually like seasonal or smelly ones.

Dum Dum lollipops: a whole bag

Prize box items:  Oriental trading company sells bags of motivating little prizes and I also find fun, inexpensive toys in the party supply aisle or dollar section of Target.

Mints/gum/Whisps:  When you are sitting in close quarters and talking/listening all day, it’s helpful to either take or offer a breath freshener.

Hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes:  An ounce of prevention….

Klear Screen iKlear Travel Singles:  safely removes grimy little fingerprints from the iPad

Bubbles:  always nice to have on hand

Tally Clicker:  You can pick this up at an office supply store.  While I periodically use this to track number of trials, it’s also unbelievably motivating when the student gets to do the clicking.

Big Ticket items:

iPad:  I love mine and the number of apps out there is astonishing.  It’s a great therapy motivator and activity to incorporate (not take over) your therapy sessions.

iPad cover:  There are lots of choices and everyone has their favorite.  Many SLPs like the cover to incorporate a stand and durability and protection are top concerns.

iTunes gift card:  Give the gift of apps.

 Sony Bloggy camera or Flip video:  Ideal for the blogging therapist.

Digital recorder:  I know the iPad takes great recordings too, but at $50 a digital recorder is a great investment.  It takes up minimal space, is much less distracting (i.e. during assessments) and you can easily download files to your computer.

Language games:  Most SLPs I know, love language for its own sake.  Crossword puzzle books, Scrabble and other language games always make me smile.  In my house we’ve been enjoying Name 5.    Word on the Street, Anomia and Scattergories Categories look like fun.

Wishing you a very merry holiday season–may all the good work and positive attitude you put out in the world come back to you tenfold!

Please take a moment to let us know what you’d like to see under the tree this year.  Who knows–maybe Santa is reading!  Also, subscribers are automatically entered in a drawing for a $25 iTunes gift card.  You must subscribe by December 22, 2011 midnight EST and have a mailing address within the US to enter.  The winner will be notified on December 23, 2011. 


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  1. Cindy Wilkins

    Loved your last list of seasonal words, but don’t remember the password. Help!

    1. admin

      Thanks! The email is on the way! Kim

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