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I’ve got a treat for you today!  The Speech Owl and Speech to the Core have organized a For the Love of Speech Blog Hop with Valentine FREEBIES galore!  Please set aside some time to join in the fun!

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I’ve created a set of “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” idioms with flashcards, picture prompts (by SmartySymbols), a worksheet and writing prompt that is appropriate for grade 2-8.

flashcard sample

The flashcards can be used for simple drill, sorting or as a traditional matching game (Go Fish! or Memory).  You can use the pictured relationships to help drive home the concepts by sorting based on each card.

relationship card sample

To complete the worksheet, each student receives one relationship picture and writes a short sentence describing the scenario/feelings portrayed, then circles the idioms that best express what they’ve described.  If you laminate the worksheet, you can have them use dry erase markers and complete the sheet for multiple relationship cards.

Valentine idioms worksheet completed

For older students, there is an additional writing prompt sheet.

These cards are a great opportunity to address both idioms and pragmatic skills since it lends itself to discussions of relationship behavior (but from a safe distance!)

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IWC pic for blog

I Want Candy for Articulation and I Want Candy for Language.  These candy themed card games are designed for Gr. 1-4 and contain decks for both Valentine’s Day and Halloween (aka the BIG candy days).

To download my freebie, click here.  You will arrive at the product description for “Idioms:  Go Figure!”.  Click on “Preview” to download the freebie.  (It’s a .pdf so you will be able to save to your computer).

Please note, this freebie is ONLY available during the blog hop (2/1-4, 2015).  After that date it will only be available as part of my Idioms:  Go Figure! packet.

To continue on in the blog hop and pick up an social skills freebie from SLP Runner, click Cupid’s Arrow below.

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  1. Mary

    Wow! This couldn’t come at a better time!!! This is perfect for a few of my students. Thank you!

    1. admin

      I love when I find materials that exactly fit my needs. Enjoy!

  2. Teach Speech 365

    Thank you!! Idioms are difficult for my students, so I’ll use any materials I can get my hands on!

    1. admin

      You’re welcome, enjoy!

  3. Thank you for creating a great way to target idioms, paired with visuals and a writing extension activity, There are so many possibilities for therapy!!

    1. admin

      So glad you like it!

  4. Lauren Donohoe

    Hello- the freebie looks GREAT! Unfortunately, I am having trouble downloading it from TpT. Each time I click “Download” in the Preview section, it brings me to a page where it says that my search engine can’t find the page. Help please. 🙂

    1. admin

      I hate that you are having issues with this. For a true technical issue on the TPT site, I would recommend contacting them directly. However, let me see if I can help you trouble shoot. When you click the green “Preview” bar below the cover icon it should show you the freebie in it’s entirity. On my computer, there are 3 choices in the top right hand corner. The first allows you to immediately print (which is an option and then you’d just have to store the hard copy like in the old days ;), the second option is the download choice. When I click on this, it brings me to a “save” dialog box which allows me to choose the folder I want it in and/or change the name. (The third option would let me bookmark the page, but since it won’t always be there, this is of no use). If you need pics of what I just explained, email me at: [email protected]. Thanks for asking!

  5. Lisette Edgar

    Many of my students need work on understanding figurative language. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful activity for understanding idioms, it is appreciated!

  6. Meg

    I was very disappointed–I signed up for your blog messages to come directly to my computer and I read them as they come. I received this blog entry on 2/5–too late to take advantage of the freebie.

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