Food Glorious Food (Part 2)

FGF2 sandwich

Last month I talked about some food “cooking” apps (click here for post), but now it’s time to share some low tech activities.

FGF2 christmas cookies

Melissa & Doug wood and felt food sets:  I have several of these sets and I love them.  They’re beautifully made with lot of pieces and—bonus—the Melissa & Doug blog has menus for a few of the sets.  I use the packaging to create my own—more white space, more category organization and left to right orientation of item.  You can always make your own with a literal cut and paste of their print outs.  (For copyright reasons, I can’t provide my copies.)

FGF2 taco

Target felt food:  The dollar spot has had whta are clearly Melissa & Doug knock off sets before (I adore my tacos).  Again, I’ve made menus with the packaging.

FGF2 ice cream cone

Duplo ice-cream cone set:  My littles particularly love stacking ice-cream cones.

Popcorn (the real stuff):  I adore popcorn but the microwave bags skeeze me out a little bit (what is the pasty congealed stuff in there?)  Few people seem to know that ¼ c. of kernels in a brown lunch bag (shake wide open; fold shut) for 1:30 min in most microwaves works too.  Plus you can add real melted butter (or not) and salt or a tablespoon of parmesan, or a melted chocolate square.  (You’re welcome.)

Cooking, real or pretend, is such a great way to work on sequencing and following directions.  It’s also a super way to work on pragmatic skills like turn taking and initiation.  Plus, it’s fun!  I’ve also found that lot of little people are more apt to try a food they’ve participated in making.  For our sensory kiddos, just the making itself might be a big leap forward.

I know you’re cooking too!  Tell us your favorite play set or your favorite easy recipe!


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  1. Alex T

    I’ve long been a fan of your blog, and loved this post. I love my Melissa and Doug puzzle sets, love seeing a resource that is available in Australia too!

    1. admin

      I’m a huge fan of yours! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Annie Doyle

    Using play food and dishes in therapy is a staple. I just wish the Melissa and Doug sets weren’t so costly. Thanks for the great suggestions, as always!!

    1. admin

      FYI, I frequently find good deals on these sets around holidays/sales at Kohl’s. Kim

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