ASHA Booth #840 (plus a giveaway): Activity Tailor

November 18, 2012:  Lauren was the winner of my #ASHAless giveaway!  Congratulations!

The van’s packed and I’m ready to go!  For those of you headed to Atlanta too, keep reading.  If you’ll be sitting at home, sad to miss all the fun, you can skip to the bottom for a quick pick me up.

Activity Tailor will be at member booth #840 this year.  Please stop by and introduce yourself!

We will be offering discounts on all our products (take them with your or have them shipped).  We are also part of the “Party with the #SLPeeps”!  Swing by with your bingo card, get it stamped by us and eight other vendors to be entered in a drawing.  There will be multiple drawings (at this point it looks like there could be up to 30!) throughout the convention so be sure to participate!

For those of you who won’t make it this year, I’ve got a giveaway.  Let me know what city you’d most like to see host ASHA.  (I’m thinking San Juan in February.)  You have until Saturday, November 17, 2012 at midnight (EST) to enter.  The winner will be selected at random and receive a copy of all my worksheet downloads (ArticulaStories for R, S and TH; S cluster worksheets; Fluency Magic; $15 value).  So easy and you don’t have to deal with airlines!  The winner will be notified on Sunday, November 18, 2012.


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  1. mtmaryslp

    Darn! This almost makes me wish I wasn’t going to ASHA! What a great opportunity to win some fabulous prizes.

    1. admin

      For those of you who will be in Atlanta, you can play “#SLPeeps Bingo” (see here for more info: As an equal opportunity giver, I’ll be offering the same prize (twice) in their drawing 😉 Kim

  2. Marie M

    While not sunny and warm, I love to have it in my neighborhood-Minneapolis/St. Paul.

  3. Renee

    How about Sanibel Island, FL any time of year!!!!!!!

  4. Joan O'Brien

    Boston—we have ‘wicked good’ cranberries for the season!

  5. Lauren

    Charleston would be awesome!!

  6. Katie M

    While I will be at ASHA and looking forward to visiting your booth, I say ASHA should be in Anchorage, Alaska. Lol nice and warm

  7. Melissa W.

    I second the idea of Minneapolis! Let everyone experience some fun in the snow!

    1. Debra

      They say things are bigger and better in Texas so surely we could put on quite the extravagant event (not talking about Superbowl debacle now)…..:) our weather is warm, people are friendly and there is food to fancy every soul!

  8. Chandra S

    It would be great to have it in Minneapolis, MN making it much easier for me to go, but if I could go to the convention regardless of cost/distance/time….I would love to visit Hawaii in February 🙂

  9. Robin Sweeney

    I would love to have ASHA in Phoenix, AZ. It is nice and warm in the Valley this time of year!

  10. Barb Jenson

    I would luv to see the the ASHA convention in Denver, CO. So many amazing things to do also. You can also enjoy a little bit of fall, winter, and spring weather all in the same weekend.

  11. Debby C.

    Albany, NY, easy to get to and close to family.

  12. Sharon CV

    I love all the suggestions so far. My choice would be Santa Fe NM as a wonderful place to hold it!

  13. Brandy

    I would like for ASHA to be in Austin, TX.

  14. Tara


  15. Tammy Harris

    My choice would be Dallas! It’s only a 4 hour drive from where I live in Oklahoma.

  16. Shane

    Savannah, GA would be fabulous; such a beautiful city with lots to do, great restaurants and Tybee Island and the beach only about 20-30 minutes away.

  17. Alisha

    Washington, DC. That would be a good place for tourists and ASHA headquarters isn’t too far away 🙂

  18. Christina Frenzel


    1. admin

      Does that mean you’re looking forward to ASHA 2013? See you there! Kim

  19. Sue Blankenship

    St. Louis!

  20. Christine Gerber


  21. Kim Hovey

    Though Cleveland would be convenient for me, I vote for San Diego (again!).

  22. Connie


  23. Valerie

    I’d like to see ASHA in Portland, Oregon.

  24. Teri Smith

    Anyplace in California!! ASHA only comes to California like once every 10 years! How about Sacramento, Fresno, LA, San Francisco, Monterey….so many to choose from! 🙂

  25. Kelly

    New Orleans!

  26. Carol Rickey

    Cincinnati or Columbus would be nice and easy for me to get to!

  27. jamie

    I’m a grad student and in the bay area so San Francisco would be pretty convenient! But if I could afford to make travel plans I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans!

  28. Faira Adolphs

    I would love to see it in Dallas, as I am only 30 minutes from there, but if I could get away and go somewhere fine, then I would vote for San Francisco!!! 🙂

  29. Tracey F

    I would vote Minneapolis for a close location. (I’m in ND) But I went to ASAH in San Diego in grad school and would LOVE to go back there!

  30. Leanne

    Minneapolis/St. Paul! Then I could attend 🙂

  31. Rose Ann

    I love the city of Baltimore—I went to school there for undergrad….the Inner Harbor has lots to do, beautiful hotels and convention center and lots of great seafood of course!!!

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