3DSLP:  A mission and giveaway

Contratulations to Anne Page who who a free box!3D-SLP-footer-logo

There’s nothing like friends to support and recharge you.  My dear chum, Amy Kunstle, embodies this spirit not just in her personal life, but in her 3DSLP subscription boxes.

Delight, de-stress, deliver.

It’s a tall order, well executed.  Each month you receive a literacy-based box containing a book, suggested goals across a range of objectives, manipulatives, complementary apps, custom worksheets/games and a thank you gift.  Because the box is carefully curated by an experienced clinician (she has a private practice and is a registered dietician in addition to her CCCs), you know the lessons and themes work.

This is what the experience looks like.

3dslp box arrives

The box arrives.

3D open the box

You open up to the pretty gift-type packaging.

3D open the goodies

You peruse the lessons, book and goodies.  You feel spoiled.

I like the versatility of the box.  It can be used with a wide range of skills and ages.  Plus, it’s truly a gift to you.  Opening the lovely packaging encourages you to linger over the materials and ideas.  It’s a surprisingly relaxing pursuit.

3dslp beautiful day

Each month is a different theme and the September box is Beautiful Day—a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme combining Mexican customs and the celebration of family.  Activities are geared towards school aged children.  (To reserve a box, click here.  Orders for Beautiful Day are open until September 1, 2015.)  NOTE:  Themed boxes are available for one month only.  If you miss one, sadly, it’s gone.

3DSLP pirate

And now the giveaway!  The current month’s box is pirate themed–perfect for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” which is right around the corner–and is no longer available for order, but you could WIN a copy!  To enter, leave a comment letting us know what language and/or literacy goals you need the most support with by midnight EST, August 18, 2015 and I’ll select one at random.  Good luck, mateys!

A box for review and the giveaway were provided by 3DSLP but the opinions expressed here are strictly my own.  The photos above are from the A Poem for a Panda box.  


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  1. Michelle

    I have several clients working on expressive and receptive language goals, including following multi-step directions, wh- questions, and the list goes on and on. This product looks great and functional for a variety of kids and their goals.

  2. Jill Shook

    I love 3D SLP, and Amy! If I had the funds, I would buy a subscription because I know the boxes are awesome! Working in preschool, Early Intervention, and seeing my own private clients, the literacy goals I find I most need to support are phonological awareness and phonemic awareness. Many of my kiddos leave preschool without a solid understanding of what sounds go with which letter, even the letters in their name! As for language goals, I work on narrative structure a lot (stories have a beginning, middle,and end) and basic concepts/prepositions. If I had a dollar for every kiddo I work with who doesn’t know what “above”, “next to”, or “beside” means, I could afford a yearly subscription to 3DSLP! 🙂

  3. Kristin

    I have a wide range of students on my caseload who come for support due to weaknesses in the language and literacy connection. I find it most challenging to target goals for written expression as I try to bridge the gap between their spoken language abilities and written expression abilities. I would love to try 3D SLP!!!

  4. Cindy Meester

    What a great idea! I find that my caseload needs lots of support learning vocabulary concepts and inferencing skills. Most of my caseload is bilingual and do not have a lot of literacy in their homes. Anything I can do to expand their exposure and experiences with literacy is very important. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Jennifer Gore

    These boxes look like lots of fun. I think they would be helpful for working on receptive language goals, like answering wh questions, basic concepts and following directions. I also work a lot on narratives and always enjoy new ideas for that.

  6. Nisha

    I work a lot on academic vocabulary with my language kiddos. I would love to be able to tie their academic vocabulary in with literacy in order to make the language more meaningful to them!

  7. Joan O'Brien

    Thanks for the introduction to 3DSLP (what a wonderful idea) and the chance at a giveaway. As an elementary school SLP with a varied caseload including many ELL students, I find that I’m regularly seeking out ideas and tips for expanding vocabulary knowledge and use. I also love to receive suggestions about others’ favorite narratives and related target lessons.

  8. Annie Doyle

    Amy’s boxes are truly a delight!! I definitely felt special when my box arrived! I wish I could get one every month!
    I think expressing narratives as well as higher order thinking as it relates to literacy are the two areas I could use more materials. As always…fingers crossed!

  9. M. Parker

    I work on students retelling stories from books with lots of pictures and utilize these daily. Then we move to ask “wh” questions. Great idea (the boxes) but funds are scarce in my district.

  10. Latrice S.

    I’ve got a lot of kiddos working on answering wh- questions and following directions. Also, tons of toddlers working on basics of language, like labeling and requests!

  11. Alison

    Each year I seem to have more and more students with social skill/pragmatic language needs. I would love to incorporate the pirate theme with social skill lessons during September!

  12. Bethany

    This sounds like a great idea & I think I am going to try a box! I feel I’m able to integrate retelling/sequencing, vocabulary, and comprehension questions activities while we read books but I would love some support for integrating some pragmatic/social language goals for some of my students who have autism. Thanks so much for introducing me to this box. I can’t wait to try it.

    1. admin

      You’ll love it! And maybe you’ll win one too!

  13. Susan S.

    Comprehension and sequencing for my older students. My elementary school went Pre-k to 2nd this year, so it’s a new ballgame for me with kindergarten and first.

  14. Kie'rra T.

    The 3Dslp boxes look great. I work in early intervention and at an elementary school with multiple impairments. I’m always looking for new activites/ideas to incorporate literacy and language goals into therapy.

    1. admin

      Shhh…stop back on Thursday. I’ll be reviewing 3DSLP Jr.–perfect for EI–and there might be another giveaway!

  15. Kim Hovey

    Story sequence, main idea, and vocabulary expansion.

  16. Myra Tishkoff

    I have so many working on basic receptive /expressive language, pre-literacy and sound/symbol relationships. Right now, my most challenging issue is finding topic appropriate themes but with a less demanding cognitive load than what would be age-appropriate. For instance a 7 year-old who needs 3-4-5 year old material. The items they are interested in are mostly accompanied by material that is too high cognitively. I love the idea of the boxes and, after 25 years, new materials are always welcome!

  17. Lisa Schreckenberg

    We have increasing numbers of children who are non verbal or who have very limited verbal skills so my struggle is always finding ways to motivate and spark spontaneous language. These boxes are awesome! Wonderful idea!

  18. Annette Macher

    What a great idea! That kind of product sounds like it would be so helpful in the literacy/language/phonology connection. I am going to look into ordering. Thanks for the information!

  19. Anne Page

    What a brilliant idea! I am always looking for books I can read out loud for students with special needs. Sometimes it’s tough find find age appropriate books with vocabulary at their level (or just above for teaching). Love how you support other SLP’s Kim!

    1. admin

      Thanks Anne! I really believe that lifting each other up makes us all much stronger!

  20. Jennifer McDowell

    I work a lot on vocabulary building, sentence structure, and Wh- questions.

  21. Rebecca Brewster

    I was just so happen to find this post on facebook! I recently started following 3Dslp on Instagram and could not figure out these ‘boxes’ she kept talking about! I am so happy to read this and see what it’s all about! This is fabulous! I would love to try it out and possibly get a subscription in the future! What a great way to keep therapist motivated and excited about therapy! I work at an elementary school and a lot of my goals I have the most trouble with are inferencing and predicting. Also about have my caseload is severe autism so I do a lot of vocabulary, functions, wh questions and describing. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing Activity Tailor!!!!!!!

  22. Erin Taraboletti

    I could use lots of inferencing, problem solving and sentence production/grammar activities. This is an awesome idea!

  23. Melissa

    I need things for describing objects, comparing, and answering all sorts I’d questions

  24. Kellie Kirkpatrick

    What a fun idea! Most of the kiddos I see are low socioeconomic and or sell. I am always working literacy in someway and provide lots of story telling opportunities, that way I can work on grammar, expressive and determine a level of receptive language. I am always looking to inference get and problem solving ideas to go along with my literacy/play based therapy! I am excited to read more about 3D SLP and her fun boxes!

  25. Alecia White

    My students work on vocabulary, narrative skills, WH questions, and following directions.

  26. MaryBeth Bruns

    These kits sound great. I think they could be individualized to address the goals of my entire caseload- from social skills to increasing receptive and expressive language skills.

  27. Jen K

    I’ve never heard of these boxes before. Thanks for sharing. I have a wide variety of needs on my caseload but I would say a common theme is answering questions, grammar and categorization skills.

  28. Cristine Beach

    I am always looking for ways to include language and literacy goals in fun and meaningful activities, specifically for preschool and early elementary students.

  29. Anne

    I am working towards helping students with reaching their expressive need goals.

  30. AbbyG

    I love using books to work on multiple goals or mixed groups. I think some of the toughest goals to address are those that expand vocabulary and work on narratives/story grammar. I would love to try one of the 3DSLP boxes!

  31. Belinda

    This looks amazing. This year I am moving to a new school in our district. I know there are classes of autism and over 1000 students there. We shall see what the caseload entails but I am sure there are language goals a-plenty!

  32. Cassandra S.

    Ohhhh! I have been eyeing these for many months! I love incorporating literacy into my therapy, but sometimes struggle to come up with a variety of extension activities to target various language goals. I have such a range in ages and “levels” that I also wonder if this level box will be too much language for many of them to handle. I am always looking for ideas to work on language organization and narratives. Thank you for the review and giveaway opportunity!

  33. Amanda Kinsey

    This looks amazing! Thank you for sharing the info about it & offering the giveaway! I am in 2 elementary schools this year & have a lot of expressive/receptive language goals. I’d say the most reoccurring ones are following directions, answering WH questions, retelling story facts & sequences, & vocabulary.

  34. Kelly Martinez

    I have a lot of student’s on my caseload this year working on semantics. Many students have multiple meaning and figurative language goals. I also have a few students working on critical thinking skills as well as main idea. 🙂

  35. Tiffany Moore

    Vocabulary is something I work on a lot with my students! I try to find things that are new and interesting , and that make expanding their vocabularies easy and fun!

  36. Meagan Lawson

    Books are so great for to use for targeting multiple goals in mixed groups! I tend to work with a lot of my kiddos on answering WH- questions, vocabulary, and story sequencing and retell.

  37. Lesley Heckers

    As a 2nd year SLPA, I need language activities to engage my cluents with autism who are moderate to severe on the spectrum. Sometimes it’s difficult to find something to grab their attention and get them excited about participating.

  38. Amanda

    I feel like I’m always trying to find a good way to teach and incorporate vocabulary into speech therapy. I’d like some sort of structured method of using it in therapy.

  39. Erica

    What a great idea!! I always have kiddos working on wh-questions, inferences, and vocabulary. Sounds like this product would address those and more!

  40. Shira Reiss

    I would love if you developed some literacy booklets just like in the Scholastic Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers Teaching Guide (Grades K-2)2005 ISBN: 0439773946. This program focuses on Comprehension and Vocab building Lessons with Skill-Building Reproducibles & 15 Mini- Storybooks. which correlate with Guided Reading Levels E-I. Most of our students fall at Levels D-G with 5th graders tending to be at Levels H – J. There is only 1 mini-book at Level E and 2 mini-books at Levels at Level F and 1 mini-book at Level I. These books are perfect since 5 vocabulary words with simple definitions are introduced and used repititively in the stories and the stories come with worksheets for sequencing, compare/contrast, and many other areas that we work on. It’s a goldmine for me since it ties literacy into what we do. I would LOVE more mini-books at those reading levels connecting other types of literature, non-fiction, etc. The book is used right now on amazon for $8.99 and I’ve seen it for less money for sale. Please make a book just like it and I will snatch it up!! Most of the materials that you make are for the very little ones which are just maybe 8 out of the 50 kids that I see. THANKS!!!

  41. Valerie

    I am always looking for pragmatic language and figurative language activities…. especially for middle and high school students.

  42. Alexandria Rhiner

    This is a really cool idea!! I seem to have a lot of language goals that target vocabulary development this year. Language activities that my students find engaging can be hard to find so I will have to look into this.

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