Thanksgiving Bingo Riddles and a Giveaway!

Congratulations to Renee!  She won a free copy of her own!

Thanksgiving Bingo green mat

“I love this game!”

You would have heard that coming out of my room on Tuesday when we played “Thanksgiving Bingo Riddles” by Speech Sprouts.  I have to say, I agree!

Like her other holiday riddle bingo games, there are an overwhelming number of boards, each with a unique assortment of answers and the option to print full-color or in color saving mode.  You could easily use this with an entire classroom and have no duplicates!

Thanksgiving bingo riddle

The riddle cards have rhymes, which I love as an bonus skill to address, and include a little picture of the graphic (in the event you’re feeling under the weather and need a little support).  I had my older artic students (2nd grade) read the cards to work on carry-over—the reading level isn’t too difficult.

It plays like classic bingo, so you won’t need to do much in the way of explanation and it covers a huge amount of Thanksgiving vocabulary including traditional foods, relatives, activities and history items.  There’s even an extension activity that has students make their own riddles about their favorite Thanksgiving food; again, perfect for a classroom or in language therapy.

Thanksgiving bingo gold mat

I used my flat marbles (which kids love) as bingo markers, but there are cute turkey markers included or you could use harvest corns (I’m not a fan, so it’s safe in my room) or M&Ms (much harder to make sure there are enough by afternoon).

Click here for all of the details!

Or… take a chance on winning one!  I have a free copy to giveaway, but we’ll do this with a quick turnaround, since I head to ASHA next week.  To enter, leave a comment letting us know what you are thankful for this year and I’ll pick a lucky winner at random.  You have until Sunday, November 8, 2015 to enter (midnight EST).  Good luck!

Thanksgiving Attributes cover

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving speech therapy activities, be sure to check out my Thanksgiving Attributes.  Other SLPs have said, “Great activity! I appreciate the versatility of using QR codes and Cariboo in a “guess who” format! It’s a great activity for attention to details and exclusion, both challenging concepts, in a fun venue!


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  1. Susan Stelly


  2. Joan O'Brien

    This morning, I am thankful for my hot coffee. Thanks for the chance to win, Kim 🙂

  3. Kyra

    I am thankful for a healthy, happy family! Looking forward to meeting you at ASHA, Kim!

    1. admin

      Hooray! Let’s post a pic!

  4. Sherrie M.

    I’m thankful for an understanding principal and an outstanding staff at my school that constantly make me feel valued and supported in my job!

  5. Nikki

    I am thankful for my family traveling long distances to visit me!!

  6. Ronnie

    Grateful to know that I can retire from my job and move on to greener pastures.
    Grateful to have access to such great products from you and others at TPT!!!

    1. admin

      Thanks Ronnie!

  7. Sharon Swindell

    I am thankful for my family and friends, but also my little furball puppy! She is always happy to see me and gives kisses when you need them the most. A blessing to the entire family!

  8. Chandra Brown

    I am thankful for so many things! I am thankful that we have a loving and forgiving god ! I am thankful that god chose my husband and I to be the parents of our 2 kiddos. I am thankful I have a job that I love! the list could go on and on 🙂

  9. Tiffany

    I am thankful for my new husband (one month married on Monday!), family, friends, and my little fur ball of a cat. 🙂

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  10. Shelli Smithers

    I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for hot coffee and good books.

  11. Amy Kunstle

    I am thankful for YOU. Friend, professional, partner in crime, facilitator and creator of so many great things and opportunities for people! See you soooooon!!!

    1. admin

      We’re going to have so much FUN! Can’t wait to catch up!

  12. Debbie

    I am thankful for my two boys that have grown into such great men that I am extremely proud of.

  13. Kim M

    I am thankful for my family’s health, and for being able to spend time with the people I love.

  14. alison

    I am thankful for my amazing husband who is always supportive of me.

  15. Mandie

    I am thankful for my family and good health!!

  16. Janis

    I am thankful for SLP’s like you who take the time to share your knowledge and wealth. Thank you.

    1. admin

      Many thanks, Janis!

  17. Julie Strate

    The gratitude I feel for my job, family, health and happiness is overwhelming! How lucky I am to be where I am!

  18. Stacey

    I am thankful for my job! I am thankful I can say I LOVE what I do! Also, thankful for my health. Last school year, I had a very scary and surprising health issue and was out for three months. Thankful my district let me come back part time last year. I’m getting better every day and am thankful to be back to work full time!

    1. admin

      Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery!

  19. lynn

    I am thankful that after 42 years, I still enjoy my job and my sweet babies!

    I am also thankful that I now have a real room instead of working in the pantry!

  20. Susan Drew

    After 22 years of being an SLP I am thankful there are blogs to find awesome new ideas to do in therapy!

    1. admin

      Thanks so much, Susan!

  21. M. Parker

    I am thankful for family and grandkids!!

  22. Kim Hovey

    I am thankful that I have a job, but I’m also thankful for the five day weekend coming!

  23. Myra Tishkoff

    I am thankful that I made it through the death of my mom this earlier this year.

    1. admin

      I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing you continued healing.

  24. Annie Doyle

    I am thankful for so much: my husband, children and loving family, but also for this amazing professional community that both teaches me and encourages me to step out and try new things!!

    1. admin

      I agree!

  25. Andrea Bregstone

    I am thankful for my family and friend and the fact that I have been working in my current school for 18 years. I am appreciated and valued. I am especially thankful for SLPs like you who know how to make materials that are affordable and enticing for the children!!!

  26. Sue

    I’m thankful for my family, friends, my job and the amazing children I have the priviledge of working with, and my home. Feeling very blessed!

  27. Michelle

    I am thankful for my new husband (we got married earlier today!!).

  28. Jennifer

    I am thankful for a my wonderful family and friends who support me in all I do! In addition I am thankful for the knowledge imparted to me by all of those family and friends who have shared their knowledge with me and who have passed. We are all truly blessed by the many individuals that we encounter each and every day!!

  29. Annette Macher

    I am thankful for my grandchildren, fabulous husband, and wonderful children. I am thankful for continued health and positive outlook. I am thankful for the great team of coworkers at my school and – of course – for the beautiful children that I have been given a gift to help.

  30. Renee

    I am thankful for my healthy family. I am thankful I spend my days touching the lives of others. I am thankful for a career I love and the ability to show my children that you can really enjoy going to work every single day.

  31. Sara

    I’m thankful for all of the supportive people in my life, bothprofessionally and personally! I couldn’t do all that I do without them ❤️

  32. Nicola

    I’m thankful for good books!!! ❤️

  33. J'Lisia

    I am thankful for my little princess. She has bought me do much joy and patience. Everyday with her is a new learning experience n full of fun. I am thankful to the best mommy in a world as she says lol. I m thankful for my career as an SLPA n I love my job!

  34. Vilura

    I am THANKFUL for my BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! And most of All,
    GOOD HEALTH! Without good health, many other things in life are very difficult

  35. Lora

    I’m thankful for my family and friends that support me and for the parents of my students who come and support our program.

  36. Jennifer McDowell

    I’m thankful for the many blessings in my life. Thank you for the chance to win.

  37. Janel

    I’m thankful that there are creative people making wonderful products to share with people like me! 🙂 I’m also thankful for family, friends, my job, and so much more!

  38. Sally

    I’m thankful for all the SLP blogs with great ideas!

  39. Genevieve

    I am thankful for my supportive family as I completed grad school which gave me the opportunity for the life my husband and I have.

  40. Laura

    I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to pursue a second career as an SLP. As well, I am especially thankful for all my new colleagues who are women (for the most part 🙂 that are creative, dedicated, hard-working and have HUGE generous hearts for both their clients and colleagues! I am a VERY thankful new SLP.

  41. Judy

    I am thankful to have a career that I love(24 yrs) to have the opportunity to help so many wonderful children ( HI, autistic, developmentally delayed and our artic friends) , to be able to continue learning from the wonderful colleagues who share for free or for such reasonable rates and to have been lucky enough to raise two incredible boys with a man I cherish. I am also thankful to live I the United States where anything is possible.
    I am new to your blog but am a fan already.

  42. Sharon

    I am thankful for all of the opportunities and resources (including your blog!) available for graduate SLP students! I am looking forward to the ASHA convention here soon, and grateful for the wealth of information and research in our field! This profession is supportive of every SLP in it, and we’re lucky to support the communication of people we work with and build them up every single day!!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Sharon!

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