Speechie Freebies!

I’m so excited to be joining the collaboration over at Speechie Freebies!  If you aren’t familiar with the site already, you must check it out.  Each week you’ll find a few new freebies to download–no strings attached!  My first offering is Rock, Paper, Scissors for Minimal Pairs R/W.  Please pick it up here.

If you’d like more information on my Rock, Paper, Scissor for Articulation game decks you can read my blog post here.

Available target decks are:

Rock Paper Scissor for K, G, F, V and L (new!)

Rock Paper Scissor for S (includes final TS), Z and TH

Rock Paper Scissor for SH, CH and J

Rock Paper Scissor for R (includes AR, EAR, AIR, IRE, ER, OR)



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