Question Builder App Review and Giveaway!

QB cover

***Susan Buchen and M. Parker each won a copy!  Enjoy!***

I have another Mobile Education Store app review and giveaway today!  This time we’re taking a look at Question Builder (version 1.9, $5.99), also part of the MES bundle—a goal I’m likely to target a lot this year.

Again, set up your user profile and make target selections in settings.

Types of Questions:  Why, where, how, what, random


  • 1:  Questions relate directly to the picture; 3 answer choices
  • 2:  Questions require some inferencing; 4 answer choices
  • 3:  Questions require more complex inferences; 5 answer choices

Color code:

  • On:  Questions appear with red background and answers are in blue text
  • Off:  No background to question text, answer text is in black

Text reinforcement:  Question text on or off

Audio reinforcement

Let’s Play!

QB Question level 3

The child is shown a picture and given written answer choices.  For most of my kiddos working on these skills, reading isn’t happening yet so I have them produce the answer spontaneously and make the answer selection based on the closest option.

QB funny animation

If you choose the correct answer a funny animation comes up for reinforcement.  Miss it and the narrator gently prompts you to try again.

This app is a little older and the graphics look a bit out of date especially compared to others from this developer.  It would also be helpful if an error choice was made if it disappeared on subsequent trials.

Again, I received a free copy for review, but all opinions expressed are my own.  Plus, I’ve got two copies to give away!  To enter, leave a comment below with a current burning question that’s been on you mind (mine is “Why does the fashion industry keep trying to bring leg warmers back?”)  You have until midnight EST on November 5, 2014 to enter and winners will be selected at random.  Good luck!


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  1. Joan O'Brien

    Thanks again for a chance to win a new app! Here’s my question: “Why don’t I hide the FB posts of people who really drive me crazy?”

  2. Valerie

    Why are people with no experience in the field of education making big decisions about curriculum and educational instruction?

  3. M. Parker

    Why don’t designers of SLP apps let working SLP’s in the schools try them first and make suggestions for improvement for the completed model?

  4. Nikki


  5. Susan Buchen

    Why are the best tasting foods the worst for your health?

  6. Connie franklin

    I seem to have an abundance of language kiddos this year! This app sounds very useful!!! I hope to win it because my district has told us we get ZERO funding for supplies/apps this year! 🙁

  7. Connie franklin

    I seem to have an abundance of language kiddos this year! This app sounds very useful!!! I hope to win it because my district has told us we get ZERO funding for supplies/apps this year! 🙁
    Why do they never have funding for teachers, but can re-decorate the superintendant’s office?

  8. Annette Macher

    Who are THEY anyway and why do THEY know so much?

  9. Tina Handshy

    Why do people who do not work with kids make rules or demands on those who do?

  10. Maureen Tillisch

    Why do I have so many kids working on ‘wh’ questions on my caseload?

  11. Cynthia Peacock

    Why is it that so many doctors are labeling non-autistic children autistic?? Do they get some kind of kick-back?

  12. Maria Oakes

    What a fun activity!

    Just starting my private practice and winning Question Builder would be one less thing I have to purchase!

    Is there someone who will help me get motivated for exercise?!

  13. Marilyn Munker

    Do cows really sleep standing up? Ha ha ha…

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