My EduBlog Nominees for 2013


Are you familiar with the EduBlog awards?  This organization aims to “promote and demonstrate the educational values of social media” and each year they have a contest to recognize the best internet sources for education.  This will be their 10th year of awards!

Last year, it was very exciting to see how many speech and language blogs/resources made the list.  Speech Techie, ASHAsphere, Speech Adventures, SLP_Echo and PediaStaff were all recognized for blogs.  The Lexical Linguist received recognition for an influential post.  SpeechyKeen SLP won the “Best Tweeter” category and #SLPeeps was recognized as an influential hashtag.  GeekSLP was recognized for their Podcasts.

Here are my nominees for this year…

Best Individual blogCommunicationStationSpeech  Maria intersperses treatment resources with lots and lots of freebies.  Can you say Freebie Friday?!

Best Group blogSpeechie Freebies  Jessica at Consonantly Speaking has founded a forum that provides only free downloads for speech and language.  The contributors cover a wide range of ages/specialties so you’re bound to find something useful every single month.  (Disclosure:  I followed this site for months and then was invited to contribute.  This may negate my nomination.)

Best Ed Tech/Resource SharingPediaStaff is still a giant here.  What I find particularly valuable is the mix of speech, OT and PT treatment ideas along with pertinent research issues.

Best Hashtag#SLPeeps  I just love it.  The Peeps are an open and engaging bunch, now as likely to congregate IRL as they are online.  Ask a question, and someone there will answer directly or point you in the right direction.

Best Individual TweeterMtMarySLP  If you do get a direct response, chances are it’s coming from this very knowledgeable and prolific tweeter.  When I’m in a quandary about a test, scoring or determining what on earth is going on, this is who I direct my questions to.

Best Ed Use of a Social NetworkPinterest  If you have the time and dare to descend into the black hole that Pinterest can be you will find a wealth of ideas on anything you’d ever want to know.

You have until December 1, 2013 to post your own nominees, and you should since multiple nominations are often needed just to make the ballot.  You don’t need a blog to submit nominations.  To find out how, click here.




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