Multiple Meaning Snowflakes Self-Checking Worksheet

Some parts of the country have already seen a flake or two, but I’m not likely to see any for a couple more months.  Unless, of course, it’s in Chicago during the ASHA 2013 convention!

Last year, I posted two multiple meaning packets–snowflakes for chilly months and flowers for warm weather.  They’re a great way to practice a frequently targeted skill either in a center or directly in therapy. and the discrete graphic allows the therapist to quickly check answers. See my posts for complete details. (Snowflakes/Flowers)

“Multiple Meaning Chalk Flowers” includes a self-checking worksheet already, but I’ve recently created one to go along with “Multiple Meaning Snowflakes.”  Containing fill-in-the-blank sentences and a word bank, students will complete the worksheet and enter the circled letter from each answer to solve a riddle.

Trust me, it’s “’two’ much fun!”  To pick up your FREEBIE, click here.

In keeping with ASHA exhibit hall tradition, my products will be 20% off for the duration of the convention (November 14-16, 2013).  Visit my TpT store to take advantage of the savings!


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  1. Frances Creel

    I just wanted to let you know how much my middle school students LOVED the Candy Critic activity. We discussed so many different vocabulary words. It was a fabulous Halloween activity. THANK YOU!

    1. admin

      Frances, Thanks for leaving this comment, you’ve made my day! Kim

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