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When I was in first grade we went through a long recess streak of jump rope games. “Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around” and “Cinderella, dressed in yellow.”  Totally fun.  And then we had a couple months of tag with the big tree near the first grade windows as home base. Remember that heart beating excitement when you were being pursued? Also totally fun. And then we moved to the see-saw.  Less fun. A lot less.

I was tiny in first grade which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s met me in person. (I’ve never had a pair of pants that weren’t hemmed.) And though I’m a regular build now, then I was a waif. The worst combination ever for see-saws. I regularly found myself “up” and at the whim of the larger friend at the other end. And I can’t tell you the number of times a friend would, unthinkingly, just get up when we were done, leaving me to crash down on the other side.

My teeth would crash together.  My bottom would smack against the hard wood. The wind would be knocked out of me.

Who felt like this by the time winter break rolled around? Anyone?

Balance is such a key component to feeling successful—to feeling like you’re getting things accomplished without too much sacrifice of other things (or people) that you love. (Which is why one of my resolutions is to take more time off—really off, unplugged, no jotting down notes, off.)

Buuuuut, there is something to be said for slightly ignoring an area or two (or several) and really doing a deep dive into a new topic or activity. That kind of focus is what allows you to move ahead quickly and make more connections like when you’re learning a new language. (So if this is the year that you are planning to really focus on diet and exercise, then I recommend concentrating there and only there. You don’t need to add all sorts of new activities in therapy this month.) Guess I’m still on that see-saw.

I haven’t decided on my primary focus for this month, though I do have one specific kiddo in mind as a possibility….but I’d love to hear yours! Leave me a comment. Are you planning a focused effort in one area? Determined to incorporate more downtime? Let me know how you plan to do it!


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  1. Lara

    Balance is so challenging….I’d like to plan ahead more. I always feel like I am trying to catch up (on paperwork, evals, reports, etc.).

  2. Angela Anker

    I just got off a stretch of down time for my son. He is 3 and testing well so in hopes to re motivate him I wanted to let him use his skills and play. I have always used the method working in one big area at a time. Moving forward I would like to help him with dialogue and social skills. Him turning 4 I know this will help him become independent in a way. He is the patient that will misbehave in session if he doesn’t feel like he has some control. Also a fine line between to hard and to easy. He is my little spirited one.

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