Letters to Aunt Nym and Syn Nym

A year ago I posted fun ways to address opposites/antonyms and synonyms which consisted of introducing two memorable characters—the sisters Aunt Nym and Syn Nym.

Aunt Nym is a rather scatterbrained but lovable personality who always gets the message backwards!  If you ask her to sit down she will undoubtedly stand up.  Ask her to shut the window and you can count on her to open it.

Her sister, Syn Nym, on the other hand is a bit of a know-it-all.  No matter what you say to her, she will revise it with slightly different vocabulary.  If you complain that your shoe is too tight, she’ll say snug shoes can be a nuisance.

I recently created “Letters” as an entertaining activity that builds on these characters and their personalities.  It consists of packs of letters with single word “addresses” and stamp on one side.  The back side contains the “letter.”  Lay out an array of cards with the addresses face up and match the pairs.  Then, flip the first card over which has been written from the viewpoint of the child and read aloud.  Next, flip over the reply from one of the sisters and start giggling!

There is a set of letters with 15 different pairs for each of the two sisters (30 letters per sister).  There is an additional set of letters that include:  a letter “from” the child that is replied to from each of the sisters.  There are 8 of these trios (ex. neat/messy/tidy).

To aid with organization, each letter has a stamp that indicates which grouping it belongs to:  opposite, same (synonym) or opposite/same.  Each writer has a unique font/type so you can easily see if the letter is from the child, Aunt Nym or Syn Nym.

Extra credit:  That snooty Syn Nym.  She snuck in some extra synonym pairs!  The target pair is always in bold, but on 9 of Syn’s letters there is an bonus pair.  Can your students find them?  (Not to worry, an answer key is provided for the therapist!)

Recess:  An added fun feature is that Aunt Nym calls the child a different silly term of endearment on each letter–turtledove, pumpkin, petunia, etc.  Syn Nym signs off with a different comical closing each time–adios, farewell, toodles, etc.

Homework:  A basic opposite matching worksheet is now available as a FREEBIE on my TpT store!

To check out this activity and download the FREEBIE, click here.

For ideas on an introductory activity or additional expansion ideas for the sisters, please see:  The Infamous Auntie Nym and The Infuriating and Aggravating Syn Nym.





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