Kathleen Morris on SI and Processing Disorders

So…I’m half way through my maintenance period and–whoo hoo–nearly done! Last week I took a class with Kathleen Morris on Sensory Integration and Processing Disorders. Fun, interesting, engaging…and .6 ceus.

She works with a much more involved group of kiddos than I do. And, she makes time to volunteer in orphanages in Russia and Bulgaria.

I love doing speech and language therapy. Not sure I would do it on vacation…but then Russia and especially Bulgaria aren’t on my top 10 places to visit. Needy children at a 5 star hotel in the Carribean I could really get behind!

She showed fascinating studies on brain placticity and rewiring. So cool.

Then she showed video of kids watching TV and gaming. Not cool.

And then she tied TV watching/gaming for hours on end into brain rewiring. So very not cool.
So, are you telling parents to turn off the TV and gaming systems? I hate doing that–can’t help but feel I’m coming off as self-rightous and bossy. But if I don’t say something, will someone else?



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