Hello, Sports Fans! and a World Series FREEBIE!

Hello, Sports Fans! cover

Several weeks ago, I shared a football freebie that received a bunch of positive feedback.  It made me think I’m not the only SLP with sports obsessed kiddos on their caseload!

Hello sports fans preview

I’ve since pulled together a bunch of open-ended sports sheets that reflect boy’s and girl’s sports.  Each one has slightly different instructions for play, but at their essence you roll a die, match the number to the player and cross of the box.  Of course, you need to do something before you get a die roll whether that be to answer a question, say an artic word 5 times or even do a math fact!

sports page samples

Instructions allow play with one student, two or small groups.

The sheets all print black and white and I’d suggest laminating and using dry erase markers to save on printing.  Worksheet themes included: baseball, lacrosse, boys’ soccer, ice hockey, boys’ basketball, martial arts (boy/girl graphics), girls’ volleyball, cheerleading, girls’ gymnastics, girls’ soccer.

Bonus sports sheets with watermark

As a bonus, I’ve included a worksheet with sports idioms and another which has students comparing different sports.  For more info click here.

World Series freebie with watermark

As we head into the World Series, I’ve added a FREEBIE that will only be available until October 30th.  This sheet prints in color–Royals blue and Giants orange–and should be a hit in therapy or for homework.  To get your copy, click here and download the Preview.  Remember, you need to do it soon!


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  1. Julie Lindstrom

    Thanks for this! I live in Kansas City and we are celebrating big time in my speech room!!

    1. admin

      Whoo-hoo! I’ll bet you are!

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